Call of Duty 3 Gameplay Video

Impressive gameplay video of Call of Duty 3 for the Xbox 360.

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drewdrakes5869d ago

Looks like it has some lag issues :(

bung tickler5868d ago

there was no lag at all for me. nice and smooth and looked awsome on my comp... maybe the video was streaming so well over your internet connection?

TheMART5868d ago

I think it's just your PC having problems playing video's or something because it runs like a charm here

Marriot VP5868d ago

the problem here is that cod3 IS only a upgrade. It's only been one year since cod2, and sure enough the developers are just jonesing for taking advantage of the PS3 and Wii launch.

Mikey_Gee5868d ago

But check out the Brothers In Arms DL on XBLM.

It looks KILLER.

I must have both !!

keeshee5868d ago

Anyone know where i can save this video from?
cus i like to watch it paused and go frame by frame to catch glitches and stuff