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Kowsky1135d ago

These rankings are legit

GigawattConduit1135d ago

MW2 has to win just for defending a burger shack. The most American thing to ever happen in games.

kparks1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Advance warfare @ #3 lol thats one of the worst cod's ever made. move that down to #6 modern warfare to #3 and [email protected] at 4 switch them 3 around and the list would be pretty good. I might even drop AW to 7 or 8 that game was legit trash!

Relientk771135d ago

Modern Warfare 1-2
Black Ops 1-2

are the 4 best so far, don't have BO3 yet

GigawattConduit1135d ago one's gonna have BO3 for another couple of hours.

Foraoise1135d ago

People have it already. It's been out for like 9+ hours in other parts of the world.

GigawattConduit1135d ago

Had plenty of fun times with MW1 back in the day. Wouldn't mind a remaster of that, tbh

Immorals1135d ago

World at War will always be my favourite

BattleAxe1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

Putting Advanced Warfare and Black Ops above Call of Duty 4, basically loses any credibility that this website ever had. Not to mention placing World at War in 6th place...this was the best WW2 game of all time, and on top of that, it's the game that started the whole zombies thing in Call of Duty.

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