PS Vita Has Stronger Dev Support Than 3DS. Game Over HHGS 7/17/11

1. Shane Satterfield Of appears on the show
2. Will A Onlive App debut with PS Vita
3. Fear 3 - 10/10 Best FPS Cover System Ever
4. NBA 2K12 - Star Mike Video
5. Rap Battle - X-Factor Vs Tsu Surf
Enjoy The Show And God Bless

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Warprincess1164344d ago ShowReplies(3)
liveActionLeveler4344d ago

Game hasn't started yet, hopefully it does this year in the US. I want Vita right now! So hyped!


Oh snap I'm on the show...just lost my mind!!! That's the biz!!!

THILLREBORN4344d ago (Edited 4344d ago )

I'm so losing it here!!!

Titanz4344d ago

Sony probably has the most third party support, out of the big 3(Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony).

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