Vizio 65-inch Razor 3D TV Slices Through the Competition for 3D Gaming

When it comes to upgrading to a 3D home entertainment center for your gaming room, the new Vizio 65-inch Theater 3D Razor LED LCD HDTV is the way to go. In fact, a leading Sony game developer who’s tested all the 3D TVs on the market with their bestselling 3D game franchise said this Vizio is the one to buy. The 3D TV employs passive 3D technology, which means you can use the same glasses you wear at the movie theater. The co-founder of the company talks about this new 3D TV in this exclusive video interview from CE Week in New York below.

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just_looken2745d ago

still no japan glassless tv's.

deadpoole2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I would buy this baby like right now .... too bad its not available in UK. Always wanted the passive 3D tele ... 65inch is awesome size for 3D gaming.

Dude ... Jessica Chobot is one hot mamaa. :))

ATiElite2744d ago

but Sara Underwood is way hotter!

deadpoole2744d ago


No doubt in that ... she got the assets.

TheDivine2744d ago

They sell a 47in passive 3d tv for 850ish. Very good qulaity and price. The 47in with internet apps is 950. 3d is cheap now. 3d projectors are where its at though.

inveni02744d ago

I'll never buy a Vizio. The upscaler in those TVs is crap.

SilentNegotiator2744d ago

Slices nothing. Vizio is the crappiest TV brand I've ever encountered.

It's the kind that people are always buying for their small businesses because they're cheap.

jeseth2744d ago

You pay for what you get. You can't beat high end Samsung and Sony picture quality.

Vizio is cheap for a reason . . . its cheap.

CommonCent2744d ago

@jeseth too bad Samsung LCD/LED suck for gaming with their horrific input lag.

bozebo2744d ago

"too bad Samsung LCD/LED suck for gaming with their horrific input lag."

Turn on gaming mode...

inveni02744d ago

I've got a Samsung Plasma in my bedroom (I hate the picture that Plasma offers, btw), and I game on it exclusively. I don't turn on "gaming mode", and I have absolutely no trouble at all. So maybe it's not the brand but a specific model instead?

deadpoole2744d ago

I got Samsung 40inch LCD screen ... totally amazing with minimal lag ...
The only and I mean to say only thing I dont like is the Dynamic setting and DNIe on with my model. Literally crushes black.

However Ive calibrated to perfect level with no black crush and awesome popup images feelin when you watch bluray on PS3.

2744d ago
Bigpappy2744d ago

I can't believe people are slaming on Vizio because they keep their prizes low. I have to of them and a Sony. They are equal in quality, eventhough I paid much less for the ViZio. If you go feature by feature with the same quality, Vizio will more times than not beat any TV on the market.

It is a great TV for anyone who isn't a band loyalist.

thedisagreefairy2744d ago

vizio is a horrible brand. i worked at ultimate electronics and best buy and those tv's are horrible compared to other brands like sony, samsung, panasonic, and toshiba. cheap ass tvs that prove u get what u pay for.

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deadpoole2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

You know the ultimate thing Im actually waiting for ... LED 1080p 3D Projector 2000+ lumens.

The day they'll release this .... Ill be the first one to buy. Hopefully Optoma, Samsung or LG.

ZBlacktt2744d ago

Toshiba and IBM both use the Cell found in the PS3. Just saying, lol. :D

Perjoss2744d ago

I wonder what the view angle is like on those glasses free TVs. Is it like a 3DS where you need to be looking at it from a pretty direct angle or it will not work...

BeastlyRig2744d ago

LG is shipping it's first glassless 3d pc monitors this year so I would thing 3d monitors and tv's would be more popular in 2012..

I would wait for thoughs.. to get cheap..

Bolts2744d ago

For real? Do want! But how would this monitor work with Nvidia's 3D solutions? I wish the PC industry would get thier act together in the regards to 3D, it's a mess.

Thecraft19892744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

The tech is simply unready. Viewing angle is terrible for one. The 3d dose not compete with current offering quality wise and and just the general effect.

I've seen demo's of Sony 3d glasses tech. On large screens.

It will be the next step but not for a long.

Klaykid1232744d ago

I seriously don't mind glasses. I prefer glasses over glassless. 3DS has WEAK and I mean WEAK 3D effects.

SilentNegotiator2744d ago

If there's a brand out there that competes with Vizio in the god-forsaken, cheap, crappy products department, it's LG.

jeseth2744d ago

@ Silent.

Finally. Someone else that isn't on LGs C*&#! LG is super over rated. Their TVs are wanna be Samsungs, their washer/dryers break all day long, and people just love LG.

ViserysTargaryen2744d ago

Vizio displays are actually quite decent with tech that can match up with Samsung and Sony offerings for less.

I don't see why people gotta hate.

jeseth2744d ago

People hate because people say its on par with and/or better than industry leaders.

Saying you get good bang for your buck is one thing. . .saying Vizio is on the same level as industry leaders and innovators is the catalyst to the "hate".

Vizio is ok. Middle of the road. Period. A bang for your buck product. Like a Hyundai. Its nice, but it isn't an Infinity. So don't call it one.

bozebo2744d ago

Glassless can only work (ANY type of glassless that can ever be made by mankind at any point in the future) for a specific location in relation to the screen.

That is why it is possible for a monitor, and for the 3DS. It would be really impractical for a TV because they are designed with the assumption of multiple concurrent users.

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kamakaz3md2744d ago

toshiba is workin on that, maybe end of year or 2012 for sure

cannon88002744d ago

I bought a 50 inch 720p samsung 3d tv with two glasses and a copy of black ops for under 1K! If anyone's interested on the tv its a samsung pn50c490b. My tv has great image quality!

cannon88002744d ago

yeah you might think that the image quality sucks but it actually doesn't. There's no other 3d tv out there that even comes close I think for the price, size and deal that they're offering for it.

JsonHenry2744d ago

My father just purchased a 55 inch Vizio (TruLed, internet widgets, 480hz 3D) and it looks really good. So much so that I am thinking of buying one myself and replace my Sony. (my Sony is good, but only 60hz) The best part is that the Vizio supports 3 different types of 3D and has HDMI 1.4a meaning it **should** work with Nvidia 3D vision and it will most certainly work with AMD/ATI cards.

50Terabytespersec2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

great for PC gamers and 1080p content but for Blu ray ,prepare to sit far back thus reducing your Screen Real estate effectively making it a small screen..
I will wait for 4k TV so i can actually situp close and be taken away in sheer awe at dense pixels and sharp eye poping clarity (not noise and blocks etc with 1080p large screens up close..BS..
Stick with 37" for now 1080p is on its last legs..

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paladinaz2744d ago

Vizio - cheap quality, but for a really good price.

LOGICWINS2744d ago

No not really. My friends Vizio LCD blows away my Sony Bravia in colors and overall picture quality.

Coffin872744d ago

Then chances are pretty high your settings are somehow wrong.. in like 95% of all cases lower-priced technology equals lower quality.
Sometimes that's ok, but that's the customer's choice.

jeseth2744d ago

Bottom line is people always defend what they buy like its as good or a better value.

Kind of like all the suckers that bought DLP TVs. LMAO. Every person I know that bought a DLP had their set die within 3 years.

I still have my original Bravia 46" XBR I bought 5 years ago in my game room. Never had an issue and the picture quality is still very good. I just bought a KDL-55HX800 240hz 3D LED Bravia in February and that TV is the Tits. It refreshes so fast my eyes bug out when the motion flow is set on high. But sports and Blu Ray look absolutely breathtaking.

High end Samsung and Sony can't be touched for picture, style, quality, and features.

LOGICWINS2744d ago

"Bottom line is people always defend what they buy like its as good or a better value."

I don't know why people are like that. Human nature perhaps. I'll happily admit when another person pwns my setup lol.

jeseth2744d ago

Me too. My Tv is really nice but I know there are better sets out there.

You pay for what you get. Can't say it enough. If you are buying a 55" Vizio or Mitsubishi for 1K then guess what it probably has a 60hz refresh rate and a crap contrast ratio, etc. . . . the 46" TV at the same price point has the better picture.

People just have a hard time admitting stuff like that.

jetlian2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

to say you yourself aren't justifying what you bought? lol

Fact is better is all subjective. some people are color blind so color isn't a factor. some looking at games where lag is more important.

The you get what you pay for isn't true in most cases. 250 dollars for jordans is it better than payless shoes?! no both made in china

most tvs are made in the same plants with slight changes if any.

EDIT: lol funny thing is the same people think 600 dollars console magically has better games over a 400 dollar and have been proven wrong to many times to count

BUT you got what you paid for lol

STICKzophrenic2744d ago


"Kind of like all the suckers that bought DLP TVs. LMAO. Every person I know that bought a DLP had their set die within 3 years."

Samsung 61" DLP owner here for more than four years without any problems.

*knock on wood*


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NeoTribe2744d ago

Ive had a vizio 1080p tv for 5 years now and the picture is flawless. There not cheap quaity, ur just not paying for the name.

ambientFLIER2744d ago

I've had a Vizio 42in 720P plasma for 3 years and it's been excellent.

bozebo2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I love the way hardly anybody on N4G has even the slightest understanding of how the TV and PC monitor industry works >_<

Only a few companies actually make the screen panels: Samsung do, I think LG do too - and Dell make monitor panels also. The panels of the same size/tech are made in individual batched but they are not all identical. The panels are tested and separated into divisions of quality, even dead pixel count (don't ever buy a budget brand, ever). Companies like Panasonic (just one example, but this applies to most brands) buy the graded panels off the manufacturer companies because they don't have the trillions required to set up, update and maintain their own production line. They may be buying cherry picked high quality ones, lemons, or anything in between.

Brands don't really count for anything, if you actually care about screen quality. Also, 2 TVs or monitors of the exact same make and model can have different quality panels - for some strange reason it is legal for them to do that. So they start off with high quality batches then start botching junk panels onto them once the marketing campaign has been a success (like some kind of strange loss-leader marketing, they make a loss from the high quality batches near the start of retail).

i.e. stop arguing about brands, if you are choosing a TV - go into a shop and request the one you physically laid eyes on (because i'll bet that's the high quality one). If you are in the UK or EU, buy online or through mail order so you can return it with distance selling laws if they throw you a dead pixel or crappy panel set.

The brand literally means nothing at all most of the time. The individual screen that you have infront of you is what matters.

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Soldierone2744d ago

You lost me at Vizio...Their prices are so very tempting at times, but you get what you pay for.

As for this, I wonder when the articles will start rolling "theaters Not Lack of Recycled Glasses" haha Everyone taking them home so they can watch 3D. :P

Cerberus292744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I thought the same thing at first, but then my brother got the 42" vizio 3d LCD, and I gotta say I was actually pretty impressed. Especially for the price.

We also went and saw transformers in 3d and all kept our glasses lol

aGameDeveloper2744d ago

Remember back when "Made in Japan" meant "cheap" to many Americans? Now, Japanese automobiles and electronics tend to be more reliable. The same may likely be/become true of Korean products.

Thecraft19892744d ago

if you got the room and the money for 1 grand more you can get the jvc x3 3d projector. I've got mine set up with an 150'' screen. Its like having an miniature cinema in my living room.

Sarobi2744d ago

I love Vizio HDTV's but i have never actually seen a 3DTV by them in person

jetlian2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

getting there 42in 670 dollar one sometime this week. Saw it at walmart and it seem pretty big. 3d wasn't on though.

thats why if your trying new tech just buy cheap first time around. I could get the 32 for under 500 but even if 3d does suck the 1080p 120hz still looks awesome and i'm only out 200 for the 3d

edit: i'm getting it from amazon since no taxes walmart was like 750.

TronEOL2744d ago

But you see, the problem with this logic is that you're basing your thoughts on new technology with the cheap version.

It's like buying a low-class Mitsubishi Lancer Evo to test out it's max speed as opposed to buying it the way it was made to be in it's racing form.

So my personal opinion is to avoid 3D all together unless you plan on spending money. Same goes for any new tech. There may be some very lucky cases where the cheaper version is on par with the more expensive choice, but DO NOT believe that will be the same case most of the time.

Not to mention you shouldn't be buying something you're unsure about anyways. If you have that feeling for anything, you probably shouldn't buy it.

jetlian2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

which cost 15+ Gs i'm testing out an still you never know if its a lemon! I probably could have asked them to turn on 3d but I was in a hurry.

And 200 dollars won't kill me. Active shutters is a total no go. Passive sometimes makes me sick. But after seeing transformers 3 (imax) and watching more 3d (red/blue) my eyes getting better at it.

Uncharted 3 the real reason and l have blops,crysis2, and socom 4.

I got the wii mainly for those naruto fighting games. If I want to try something l'll take a chance