Why Excellent Video Game Voice Actors Can’t—or Shouldn’t—Be Stars

"Unless every game uses the immensely expensive and complicated processes Team Bondi and Rockstar Games employed in L.A. Noire, there's only so much a voice actor can do with his or her in-game performance," he told me. "A voice actor can hit all the right emotional notes, but the gestures and facial inflections and other performative tics we expect from a live-action performer are pretty much impossible to capture outside of Pixar- or Disney-style animation."

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Baka-akaB2747d ago

Yup this is why the folks required snake to be played by hayter or Drake by Nolan North etc , are being crazy .

Have you seen north as an example recently on tv (pretty little liars , modern family , csi miami , big love) ? I have and while also the fault lies partially with the script and role offered , he isnt exactly thrilling there .

He's hardly shitty on screen , but no one you'd remember if not a fan already of his VA work .

Of the most recent popular va actors i've seen , only Emily Rose seems to be worthy of being on the big screen for her game character , and already doing some pretty good work in films and tv shows .
Not every VA actors would be great on screen