Most tone-deaf statements and quotes in gaming history

From Xfire: "Executives, would-be auteurs, marketing departments; sometimes they are oh, so out of touch with the realities of gaming."

polarbeard589d ago

Don Mattrick has to take the cake... almost killed the Xbox!

Tetsujin588d ago

I watched the whole 8-9 min video, and you can tell D.M. was talking just to hear himself talk. The submarine comment also made Xbox look bad because of his ignorance involving the military.

anast589d ago (Edited 589d ago )

EA has two of them. Nice...It was a joy to read about all these train wrecks. For me, a Diablo fan, Mr. Cheng and crew already ruined Diablo by turning it into WoW, then they come out and attack us for not wanting more WoW on mobile.

These people 100% think they are better and smarter than the public. They feel that this gives them the "god-talent right" to insult their customers on a daily basis. The funny thing is that people will defend their right to be insulted and suckered, so, I guess all is fair.

Michiel1989589d ago

how did Diablo turn into wow? I would rather make an argument for the opposite. Mythic+ is basically rifts, Titanforging is random gear rolls from Diablo, legion legendaries felt more like diablo legendaries than previous wow legendaries, The artifact power(azerite and anemo) were basically paragon levels from D3.

tbh that dont you have phone statements i cant help but feel sorry for the guy. He probably didnt even wanna announce a mobile diablo game at blizzcon in front of a 99% pc audience. He is probably not even in charge if the game could be ported to pc or not. The blame is on blizzard higher ups for making that one of their main announcements at blizzcon.

purple101589d ago

Exclusives Are ‘Completely Counter To What Gaming Is About,’ Xbox’s Phil Spencer Says

Phill Spencer: proceeds to spend 88 billion to secure exclusives

MasterChief3624589d ago

I looked that quote up just to be sure you weren't taking it out of context, but wow... yeah he actually said that.

"He added that he believes 'gaming is about entertainment and community and diversion and learning new stories and new perspectives, and I find it completely counter to what gaming is about to say that part of that is to lock people away from being able to experience those games'." is the full quote, found on NME

JEECE589d ago

I can't believe they disrespected Adam Orth like this.


Months after declaring Tomb Raider unaffected by layoffs, Tomb Raider dev hit with wave of layoffs

Gamesradar writes: "Embracer Group's bloodbath continues as Tomb Raider dev Crystal Dynamics reports layoffs

Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics has suffered a wave of layoffs just months after insisting that the ongoing staff hemorrhage at parent company Embracer Group wouldn't affect the new Tomb Raider game or the studio's collaboration with The Initiative on the Perfect Dark reboot."

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-Foxtrot13h ago

It's sad that I'm more excited for the remaster trilogy than the new game.

Snookies1213h ago

Nothing sad about that, the original three were amazing games! Can't wait to explore the Croft manor again and find all the secrets... It's been ages, so I barely remember the games these days.

crazyCoconuts10h ago

"Crystal Dynamics made the difficult decision to part ways with 9 Brand/Marketing and 1 IT employee today due to an internal restructuring..."
Small layoff, hardly news worthy.

Knightofelemia9h ago

Embracer has left one hell of a mess and Tencent will be swimming around picking at the scraps.


Xbox leaks: what do they mean for you? Our five biggest takeaways

The cat is out of the bag, but why should the average punter care?


Huge Microsoft Leak Reveals Plans for 2028 Next-Gen “Cloud Hybrid” Xbox

Microsoft's plan for its next-generation Xbox console due out 2028 leaked from FTC trial document.

XiNatsuDragnel2d ago

Well I guess my hope is Sony isn't planning the Sam's thing? Because cloud anything isn't exactly my cup of tea tbh.

Christopher16h ago

Microsoft is buying up IPs and eating a ton of costs to push people into it. I really hope people are resistant to an industry change in such a manner. I get it's an option people want, but Microsoft doesn't want to stop there. They want to get rid of hardware. They've said as much multiple times in the last two generations of hardware. I'd go full Steam/GOG before I went into the cloud. It's just not a good way to game, IMHO. Too many elements you can't control and the subscriptions already suffer the issue that video streaming sites suffer where you can't just rely on what you want being there when you want it.

Aloymetal12h ago

I couldn't agree more. 100%!!

Northpoint11h ago

Also, once more games on there, price hikes will follow.

hiroyukisanada11h ago

Yep. They're pushing towards the exact same idea they had for Xbox One launch lol Digital, online-only, subscription model. Remember "power of the cloud?" Cloud hybrid sounds eerily similar, doesn't it?

Profchaos10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

Agree once you own the worlds most loved IP it will be next and it seems more inevitable every year we will only be playing games from Microsoft data centres in the next 15 years if they get their say

Microsoft is pushing so hard for ownership of Nintendo as it differs to a franchise game like tlou you can only make so many tlou entries before the popularity drops but you can make a hundred Mario games because each entry is unique.

It's why Microsoft wants ownership of Doom, cod, crash, Spyro etc.

Once they have what they want better believe they will charge through the nose for gamepass and I honestly see a future where games are exclusive to GP removing the ability to simply buy them

Were falling into a long term industry trap and some people are far to excited about it

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purple10113h ago

Google stadia waves hello'.… from the grave

Fishy Fingers12h ago(Edited 12h ago)

The IBM Simon, a touch screen mobile released in 1992.

Not saying whether it's smart or not, but every far fetched idea sounds stupid until someone makes it work. iPhone 2007.

purple10112h ago

U must mean like when Apple stole the idea for the mouse from zerox, stole their software, then Microsoft licenced said software from Apple to make word and excel (which actually debuted on Mac first). Then proceeded to steal all apples hard work and use their code to make windows, including, stealing said mouse idea.

Fishy Fingers3h ago

Yes thats exactly the same as my point.

jznrpg10h ago

MS: How can we get to our Xbox One ideals with always online DRM no physical copies ? Cloud hybrid , that’s how.

Barlos6h ago

Well if that's true they can keep it. Cloud gaming is not my future.