Far Cry 3 may feature jamming guns, guard checkpoints

Far Cry 2 was generally very well-received by critics. That said, even the game's biggest fans took issue with the many enemy checkpoints - the guard posts that seemed to magically restore themselves at very short intervals.

Now, Far Cry 3 lead game designer Jamie Keen has confirmed that checkpoints will return for next year's release, but in a way that will address past issues.

"The checkpoints, I think we're trying to fix something there," lead designer Keen told at Ubisoft's summer showcase this week. "I think they're trying to give you something to do as you're moving around in the world, and that's certainly something we're trying to do as well. I think they were trying to do something that perhaps they didn't have enough time to implement in the way they would have liked to have done, fully. We're trying to fix it. We're not trying to get rid of elements of the gameplay per se. Some things will go, some things will stay."

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Inside_out2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I hope they don't listen to the very vocal casuals out there that are trying to turn it into some scripted, cut scene heavy treasure hunting game...0_o...Far Cry 2 had some problems but the good far out weigh the bad.

People cry about the re-spawning were like 2-4 guys at most, hardly an issue. I drive around LOOKING for those guys. I set the mounted gun on the truck facing backwards and when they show up I press a button ONCE, which triggers the cine to grab the gun, kill them, and then press the button ONCE again to continue for hidden diamonds or doing anything would be pretty boring otherwise...O_o

If I have to get to the other side of the map, there are 5 bus stations that let go to all 4 corners or a central point...what's the problem??? Great weapons that are UPGRADEABLE...meaning ( people whine about the weapons ) they get better as you unlock things, day and night cycle that I always set to sun set or sun rise when I had an objective to achieve. Incredible graphics with great fire effects. Fantastic driving and boat controls and a great " villain " to boot...just a great game with incredible value. You play it your around killing guys or push the story and plot to the end.

I'm sure Far Cry 3 will be a good game but I hope they allow you to CHOOSE what path you want to take.

thebudgetgamer2705d ago

my biggest problem with far cry 2 was getting shot in the face by a rusty shotgun from across a river @ 100 yards.

Shepherd 2142705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

My biggest problem is that enemies, completely engulfed in tall grass or bushes, could ALWAYS see and know where you are at all times. Theres no way in hell any person could see perfectly through all that foliage and jungle, yet the A.I. was deadly accurate when they really shouldnt have been.

And when you get to the second territory, mortar guys could spot you from what seemed like miles away and begin perfectly launching their rounds and hitting you.

And the shotgun at 100+ yards was annoying too, i agree. Magically restored guards at checkpoints sucked too.

I put up with game's problems because i loved the setting and atmosphere of open world, civil war Africa. Far Cry 2 had massive potential and was sometimes enjoyable, but playing on hardcore or infamous difficulty was always an unfair, unrealistic pain.

DanSolo2705d ago


I could make that shot.... in high winds....

Crazyglues2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Well all I can say is I'm really excited about this one, it looks really, really good from that trailer...

Hope the game turns out to be as good as the trailer was..


bruddahmanmatt2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I didn't really mind the respawning enemies, what I didn't like was when I was sneaking up on them in the grass at night and when I would think they couldn't see me, that's when they'd turn around and start blasting away. I felt like the game should have given you a lot more leeway in terms of stealth. Aiming was also sluggish in FC2. I liked that they went for a bit of realism by adding weight to the controls just as Killzone 2 did, but I feel like they went just a bit too far in FC2.

As for jamming guns, I didn't mind as I thought it was a pretty unique feature that sometimes resulted in some absolutely hilarious mishaps. However I did feel like guns jammed way too quickly. Perhaps lengthening the amount of time it takes for guns to jam and allowing for players to perhaps clean or fix their guns at outposts/hideouts.

jessupj2704d ago

Respawing guards at checkpoints broke the game for me.

Asgaro2704d ago

Stop bitching.
It's due to you guys that all games get easier and easier. Pleasing the casual crowd like you and leaving the hardcore shooter fans unhappy.

I miss the times where games were challenging. Far Cry 2 was an excellent game and one of the most challenging you can find nowadays. What more do you want?

And how do you know they were shooting with shotguns? The AI was hard, but fun. Just cope with it, like you would in real life. That means knowing where the nearest cover is.

And +1 for keeping the jamming system!

YogiBear2704d ago

@ Asgaro

What people want? A better game, because let's be honest Far Cry 2 was not as good as it's predecessor.

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RedDead2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

The fact that the enemies could see you through grass and foliage when you couldn't see them, and the fact that you backtracked alot in the game, a checkpoint you cleared literally 30 seconds ago would have enemies there again, what a waste of your ammo, gun(breaking) and car it was. No point even fighting them< I liked alot about the game, ultimately it was boring though.

Umm, basically it should be under 'Flawed Gem' in the dictionary

InLaLaLand2705d ago

I agree, another annoying problem was the diamonds in the game. Some were located in ridiculous places and that green dot kept going off every time.

I liked the driving until enemies were always at you.

Rubberlegs2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

The respawning made it tedious. Sometimes you would have to go back and forth between a couple checkpoints you just took over and they would be full of enemies again. I never remember facing a low amount of enemies at checkpoints either, it usually had 6-7 enemies. Also any trucks you drive by would always attack you on sight.
This lead to more gun jamming since the more you used your current gun, the more it would degrade.
After every couple missions you always have buy a new weapon since weapons you can pick up break down even faster. Weapon jamming also never happens with enemies even though they use old rusty guns that will jam on you.

I really liked Far Cry 2 but its full of tedious gameplay like this and its good that the devs know it needs to be fixed.

Knushwood Butt2705d ago


I just remembered that absolutely ANYONE out driving their car will come after you no matter what!

Still, they were always idiots, so just jump on the machine gun in the back of the truck, wait for them to get out of their car (why????), and then blow them away.

mrsatan2705d ago

Far Cry 2 was a terrible game wrapped in an amazing engine.

Asgaro2704d ago

Totally depends on the person fortunately.
I only bought the game month ago in a Steam sale, and it's my most played Steam game to date.

I love the concept, environments, challenges, AI.

If you don't like it, play another shooter, you got tons to choose from.
But let the devs decide what they find best .

Otherwise it's yet another franchise gone casual: e.g. Crysis 1 [epic] -> Crysis 2 [garbage]

ATiElite2705d ago that Ubisoft made it instead of Crytek! FarCry 2 felt like.....FarCry Theft Auto: Africa.

I wish Ubisoft would sale FarCry back to Crytek.

the respawning enemies were a pain in the ass, unrealistic accuracy and range of certain NPC weapons, no stealth capabilities as enemies could spot you through walls, dense jungle, or where ever.

Now i like weapon degradation in FPS/RPG like STALKER but FarCry 2 was not the game for it.

Hopefully Ubisoft listens to the fans and fixes FarCry 3 or at the very least just clone FarCry 1.

PrimordialSoupBase2705d ago

As long as the enemy guns jam too, most definitely keep it in.

showtimefolks2705d ago

but Fc3 should be a lot better. You drive around looking for those guys its your thing they shouldn't respawn and driving was the biggest issue with the game also

and it looks like from the trailer it will be a much more improved game things like jammed weapons and stuff is good but some other things should either be removed or changed

Knushwood Butt2705d ago

Pretty much agree but fantastic driving and boat controls is pushing it a bit.

Still, on the PS3 version you could use sixaxis to steer, which meant you can easily drive with only one hand on the pad, which was excellent and helped to relieve the chore.

A very simple but very good application of sixaxis. Used it a ton..

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maxmill2705d ago

jamming guns is just dumb

redDevil872705d ago

Yeah, there's honestly no need for it. It adds more annoyance then realism.

MaxXAttaxX2705d ago

When games implement certain "realistic" elements, they end up happening more often than they ever would in real life. Becoming annoying.

Active Reload2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I figured I'd run across people being vocal about gun jam. I can see where they are coming from, if the game makes your gun jam as some type of forced script added to the gunplay. Gears of War nailed it though, seeing as it's mechanic is something that causes a gun to jam only happening at the fault of you, the player.

Raf1k12705d ago

I think jamming guns could be good as long as it doesn't happen frequently. It's likely to be something that has a chance of happening if you don't keep your gun in good condition as I seem to remember the condition of guns in FC2 deteriorating as you used them.

AEtherbane2705d ago

I disagree. I don't play FarCry for the typical COD or Battlefield experience. IMO, FarCry is its own, unique type of shooter game where realistic things like weapon jamming or having to actually bend over to pick up a weapon or item fit in really well. Its all the style of gameplay that makes it quite unique compared to other shooter. Im okay with this, in fact, I endorse it.

StarWarsShadows2704d ago

The "open" world aspect is nice for the Far Cry series, and the jamming of guns could be interesting(and does happen), though it should be few and far between.

just_looken2705d ago

on the pos guns k jamming but after you use a ak47 for 2 clips burts and its dona? wtf.

DanSolo2705d ago

Just remember S.P.O.R.T

Slap, pull, observe, release, tap
.....and you should be shooting people again in no time!

Asgaro2704d ago

Why? Only one reason: you can't cope with it.
You essentialy say you want a dumbed down game.

That's fine, but there are plenty of other shooters that have the gameplay style you want.

I myself found it really fun, the situation "oh shit it breaks" - running for cover - "phew I did it, now take another gun".

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Beastradamus2705d ago

My biggest complaint about Far Cry 2 was the respawning Road Check point enemies.

lastdual2705d ago

As long as guard post respawns take at least an in-game day, it won't be a problem. FC2's problem was that they respawned 5 mintues after you killed them off.

Raf1k12705d ago

Yeh far too frequent to the point it was just really annoying.

DEA Fresh2705d ago

I remember reading an interview w the lead developer and he said the respawning guards was a glitch they found really late in testing and they thought it wasn't worth fixing. They also said it was exaggerated by gamers and it only happened at a few posts which were the ones you just happen to go by the most.

The way he tried to downplay the issue really annoyed me. I have every single player achievement even after a bug kept me from progressing in the second act and I had to restart the whole campaign. It was really tedious and annoying.

The check points, malaria, and horrible AI plus game breaking bugs really killed a beautiful game

Beastradamus2705d ago


It happened every time. As soon as you went out of distance from the posts they would respawn. Stuff like this makes me miss the old days. Long development cycles, but worth it.

109876543212705d ago

I learned how to be a mechanic by playing FC2. :-)

thebudgetgamer2705d ago

yea, a good wrench can fix any car troubles.

vickers5002704d ago

Especially if your car is on fire.

f7897902704d ago

or your engine has bullet holes in it! Just take your trusty wrench to it and it's all good!

garos822705d ago

i liked the jamming of guns. made it more realistic for me. not so much the respawning guard posts which respawned at very close distances..

Pro_TactX2705d ago

Guns don't jam in real life nearly as frequently as they do in FC2. That isn't realism. It is just added annoyance.

stu8882705d ago

and you can't take a hundred bullets then inject yourself for instant heal in real life, or atleast you couldn't last time I checked! its a GAME!

The gun jamming was fine, because you should have just made sure your guns were new.

Pro_TactX2704d ago

Yes, it is a game, with the ultimate goal of being enjoyable. Having your gun jam every 15 nanoseconds is not enjoyable.

Respawning checkpoints every 5 minutes is also an annoyance. I have no problem with checkpoints respawning, but they don't need to respawn nearly immediately.