PSN's Finest - Part 3

Welcome to the third and final part of PSN’s finest, just in case you missed the previous posts you can find part 1 here and part 2 here. The basic idea of these posts is to give people a better idea of the gems contained in the store’s ever growing Treasure chest, ranging from old school classics to the latest AAA Blockbuster titles. Now for the last main category to explore, the range of full PS3 titles that have made their ways from their original homes on Blu-ray discs onto the store.

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fianno2651d ago

I find one of PSN's finest features is the fact for games I've bought form there, Assassins Creed for instance, I don't need to get up off my seat to change the game! Its worth paying for!

CrescentFang2651d ago

Siren Blood Curse where art thou?

Emperor_Cono2651d ago

As I said there only choices from my experience, and sadly that is one game that I have yet to play :( Thanks for the suggestion though! :)

CrescentFang2651d ago

I'm sorry about my comment, it wasn't to be mean or in any negative way. Partly due to me missing that you said (which should be logical due to any list or something is made from experience)
I liked how you split the list it was interesting... (funny how Siren could be in part 1 or 3 since no physical BD release for US...)

martinm1012651d ago

That was an interesting read :)