Call of Duty 4 Near Identical on PS3 and Xbox 360

According to many highly credible sources who have already got their hands on both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Call of Duty 4, the news is that they are nearly identical. PS3 owners have no fear though as yesterday PCN was able to confirm that Call of Duty 4 will run on 1080p on the PS3, and we can now pretty safely say that the game will run just as good, if not even a little better on the PS3 than on the Xbox 360.

Many gamers were worried that Call of Duty 4 would not run as well on the PS3 as on the Xbox 360. A lot of this was due to fears learned from the past with EA Sports games having framerate problems, games such as Madden NFL 2008.

Many reviews have been pouring out left and right for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of one of the most highly-anticipated shooters of the year. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a trip away from World War II for the franchise, as it moves forward in time to modern-day war.

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eagle214092d ago

no matter which console you own. But it must prove that game quality is in developers hands and need not be blamed on hardware configurations. Enjoy COD4 gamers.

boodybandit4091d ago

and excellent first post.
bubble 4 u

jackfatal4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

thats a hit on the face for u! what will u say now that the ps3 versions is better then x360?

yes more or less u r right but that was not the fault of the ps3 but DEVS fault!! and some games it took longer time but yes it became better!!
thats the beginning of ps3 multi platforms games will be better!

sjappie4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

other than a ps3 website claiming it, from "highly credible sources".
And even if the ps3 version is slightly better, the victorious feeling by ps3 fanboys, only goes to show that they all knew that sofar, the 360 always had the better versions, even though they always said it didn't.

ATLRoAcH4091d ago

I haven't been worried about the PS3 version ever since I found out it wasn't a port.Framerate problems stem from porting.Both versions 720p(native) at 60fps.Nothing wrong with that.

jiggyjay4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

We all knew that the game were gonna be identical.. We just had a lot of Sony Fanboys who still believe the hype Sony made about the PS3 before it launched! Face it Sony Fanboys you spent $400-$600 on a movie player first and a gaming console second! Sony fed you all this crap and as usual you guys ate it all up! Its been a year since your console launch( actually a year and half if you count that it was suppose to launch in March of 06)and the 360 still has better graphics if not the same than your supposedly TRUE NEXT GEN MOVIE PLAYER, uh i mean GAME CONSOLE!

In their mind, these Sony Fanboys who bought their PS3 for gaming is still trying to justify their $600 purchase that's why you have a lot of feel good post about their console and bashing of its competitors!

JsonHenry4091d ago

I think it is funny how one reviewer says it looks slightly better on the PS3, while a host of other sites say it is slightly better on the Xbox360 - and from the screenies I have looked at there is no noticeable difference at all.

But what do they leave out? It looks head and shoulders better on a PC.

TheSadTruth4091d ago

a site with "" in its url cannot be considered a valid reviewer

HarryEtTubMan4091d ago

PS3 gets 1080p at fo FPS and I wouldn't doubt that it runs smoother too. PS3= 1080p 3shitty=640p........oops, sorry about that I think I mess up... at least you get to play it in 720 p. PS3 version OBVIOUSLY looks better considering I have et to hear ONE REVIEW about the 360 version looking better and 3 about the PS3 looking better and running smoother... pretty good. The biggest game this year runs best on the best system ever design. PS3. And don't think it's stopping hear. Just like a lot of developers are using PS3 as their lead SKU now... we are heading into the second generation of the PS3... sales are picking up.... and the HUGE franchises are coming... get ready to bend over and take it like a b!tch XBOTS!!

ruibing4091d ago

It's a good game that runs great on both, no one should be upset. Rejoice at the birth of FPS based on modern times.

Wii60_FTW4091d ago

shut your f*cking mouth up. COD4, like every cross-platform, next-gen game, is better on 360. suck on that one.

you must really be enjoying not having a Live gamertag over there. and wow, don't forget not being able to stream ANY music from our harddrive or PC during the game. oh sh1t. awww no achievements. no in-game voice chat.

let's not forget you can't even feel the GUNS shooter or when you get shot yourself. no rumble. oh jeez. yeah. ps3 version is definitely the best!

harv0524091d ago

Achievements are so f**king overrated!! I don't even go for them, it's just a waste of my time....

m91058264091d ago

Wow Wii60... you're an idiot, and I really don't have much more to say. I hope you feel better after that...

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Meus Renaissance4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

The slurs "games will always be better on the Xbox" will soon fade away into a distant memory. This a great time for PlayStation 3 owners and people considering to buy the console; the games are coming out, and they're finally getting better and the price is now on fair terms with the Xbox.

Soon we won't have to read the mocking and negative default statements like "waitstation" "wait beyond" (although quite funny) anymore. And it's "Play B3yond", you'll see it on your televisions more too. Great advert the other day huh? ;)

sjappie4091d ago

the LOLZ RROD, dvd-9 statements to.

Darkiewonder4091d ago

It's the internet. While it may lessen people to argue [about this one game and hopefully others] they will always find ways to be negative Or in this case, we'll see "Excuses".

ElementXYZ4091d ago

I find it sad that you concern yourself so much with gaming slurs while having no problem spouting racial slurs.

For those of you that don't know Meus Renaissance is a racist. He has been sited numerous time on this and other boards for spouting of hate speech about Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, and Whites.

Apparently he think jokes about different ethnicities and their babys being tossed into blenders are funny. Well, I find them, and him, to be morally repugnant. I realize nothing was said specifically in this post but since his old posts have been removed for the abusive trash they were Mr. Renaissance has been laying low to avoid moderator attention. Well I reported Mr. Renaissance anyway and encourage other members to do the same.

Meus Renaissance, just go back to your Nazi/KKK boards and leave us gamers alone.

You disgust me.


sak5004091d ago

LOL @ meus. Great time to be a ps3 owners. So what kind of time is it for 360 owners? Last 2 months gave us 3 AAA titles like Bioshock, HALO3 and PGR4. Now COD4, ACE6 and ME are coming. I dont knw how u can have so many bubbles with this biased views about ps3. Its good u guys are getting games but stop being biased and appreciate that games which came out on the 360.

Goodluck all of you who will be playing call of duty 4. Have fun... See you online 360 owners.

LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL4091d ago

He sent me 3 PMs that all included racial hate words. He is a sick human being that is biased towards 360 owners. Going from arguing about consoles to insulting one's race is simply disgusting. I for one am reporting Meus as well to the admins. I hope they ban him from this site.

Jinxstar4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )


In his defense he is from a completely different part of the world and has a totally different culture from the US and other places. Racial jokes there might just be funny. Maybe people in the US or other places can't take a joke due to upbringning and society. You there are judging him by calling him a racist. What does that make you? He may have been raised in a society where its tolerated and accepted maybe even appreciated. e.g. Can a child in Kansas who is raised from birth to hate blacks when he is white be blamed? I don't think so.

Racism is part of the world and you hating on it wont change it. Equality is tolerated but as long as large majorities of people fit the stereo types it will always be relevant. Another example A black teenager in Baggy clothes with ball cap on crooked probably doesnt listen to metal. A white kid with a metallica shirt and long hair probably doesn't listen to rap. Does it make me racist to make that assumption? Why do people move in clicks? How many mixed groups do you see walking in a mall. Is it 2 white kids, 2 black kids, 2 asians, and 2 mexicans all together or is it a group of all 1 colour? Normally all 1 colour.

Don't judge people for what they believe except in regards to gaming on a video game website. You care way too much about something you will never change not because you lack motivation but because Whites feel safer with whites and blacks the same etc... Most people don't like to leave their bubble. Also racist jokes are funny. Blonde jokes especially imo. If you can't laugh at yourself you have no place in this world. Nobody is perfect.

Edit: Due to many questions. The reason I defend Meus is because he has offered a lot of insite to gaming on this site. Element was trolling and trying to start something. I am not a racist at all and do not condone it. I do not see any proof of Meus being a racist and never have. Even if he was the next Adolf that has nothing to do with his views on gaming in general. All I was doing was trying to shut a troll up. All in all I was not trying to back up Meus like he's my homie or something I was just stating de facto what it means to be a racist9This is a very very long debate). If you hate German Nazi's are you a racist? Do you have to hate everyone from a race or maybe just stereotypes? There are way too many questions for element to come up with these "facts" and no need for it on a gaming forum.

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sjappie4091d ago

cause you haven't. " according to credible sources" doesn't mean anything. This story is not based on facts.

TheMART4091d ago

And still we can say:

Source -

I would say: IGN, EGM etc. would be plausible. Anything with PS3 or XBOX in the name will be biased either way you look at it.

DethWish4091d ago

Rofl wanna hear your answer to that Mart :)

TheMART4091d ago

Have you seen my doing ANY comparison made by myself between XBOX 360 and PS3? NOPE.

Xboxkings had comparison videos from external, trusted party's like IGN indeed. So that's the answer to your question.

Stuff made by party's like The SOny Defense Force has NO credibility, as would be if Xbox360Fanboy would make one wouldn't be credible to even in my view.

Answered your question I guess

genericname4091d ago

anyway you slice it up PS3 > 360

Alcohog4091d ago

IGN gave them identical scores.

Biphter4091d ago

I would take the "Fanboy" sites such as a hell of a lot more seriously than xbox kings and SDF because in actual fact they are probably the most honest sites you'll find. That includes PS3 fanboy, Wii fanboy, PSP fanboy and DS fanboy. The "Fanboy" part of their collective banners is actually one of irony, its a joke.

These sites will have the odd dig from time to time at each other, but its in jest and they all regularly mention such japery to liven things up, but at the end of the day they review games and news honestly. If they think a game is bad for their favoured system, they'll openly admit it, even go as far as say that game X is better on another system.

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OpiZA4091d ago

I don't see any sources that back up the article.