Forbes: Sony Uses MLB All-Star Game to Push 3D Gaming and PlayStation Move Hardware

Sony Computer Entertainment America was at the 2011 MLB All-Star Game at Chase Field in Phoenix to give baseball fans and some big league players a chance to experience MLB 11: The Show with stereoscopic 3D and PlayStation Move support. Sony’s bestselling baseball video game franchise has dominated the sales charts and won critical acclaim in recent years. It’s also one of the first games that Sony launched last year that supported 3D gameplay.

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Bigpappy2655d ago

I hope it helps, but I had no idea MBL games sold that well to push anything.

Just_The_Truth2655d ago

i doubt a single MBL game has ever been sold mainly due to the fact that MBL games don't excist. :)

sinncross2655d ago

Im surprised Sony dont try and give their MLB titles a limited run in the EU and JPN markets.
EA does this with titles like American Football (a sport pretty much exclusive to the USA).

You never know, Sony could get a niche following in EU and JPN which would be great for the devs themselves.

BubbleSniper2654d ago

Japanese enjoy baseball, though. I was in Japan few years back and went to a game in Yokohama-shi, those people are nuts for their teams.

I even say more so than the U.S There is so much unity when it comes to events like those.

Hicken2655d ago

Well, since Sony is publishing the best/best-looking baseball game out, it really doesn't surprise me. It'd be nice if they also make their way to the stadiums during the playoffs.

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