Netflix Nintendo 3DS Impressions & Video | Nintendo Gal

"If you haven’t already downloaded the free Netflix application, you may want to look into it. Although Netflix is available across many different platforms, the ease of use makes this a winner in my book."

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chasedagreat2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

damm I sold my 3ds already

Warprincess1162748d ago

Don't be upset about it. When the Vita gets it netflix app. It going to be way better than the 3ds one.

trainsinrdr2748d ago

Haha your cool lets hook up

rexbolt2748d ago

yeah like how the ps3 netflix is better then wiis right hahaha good one cus every one knows wiis netflix is the best and fastest of all 3 i can see the vita geting over heated lol y must u bullshit sony fany boys complain about stuff? lol

rexbolt2748d ago

ur an idiot thats why lol