Until 2012 You Could Watch Netflix On A PS2 In Brazil

Netflix on consoles was a much different experience a decade ago. Today users just download an app, login and start watching some TV or movies. But back in 2009, depending on your console, you might have to order a disc from Netflix and link your account to their service to watch whatever was on Netflix in 2009. Amazingly, even some PS2 owners could get these discs.

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Segata34d ago

Anyone remember when you needed a disc to watch Netflix on Wii and PS3?

KillZallthebeast34d ago

That was a thing? I guess I just got it after they stopped needing it.

sinspirit34d ago

Yeah. It was some dumb licensing thing they did where they couldn't have the app on other platforms via download. I think Microsoft struck a deal with them for exclusivity and Netflix bypassed it early with the physical route

darthv7234d ago

Still got mine for ps3 and wii

PhoenixUp34d ago

I still remember Netflix parties on Xbox 360. Never used it myself but it sounded like a cool experience

Shame it didn’t happen on other platforms

XabiDaChosenOne34d ago

I used to hear about it too. It sounded awesome.

Segata34d ago

That and PlayStation Home were great concepts of virtually hanging out with friends. At that time it felt like the most next-gen thing ever. Don't have stuff like that on current systems. A shame really.

Kabaneri34d ago

And in 2019 you still cant watch Netflix on the Switch....

TeamIcoFan34d ago

Sadder still, you can watch it on Nintendo's last gen handheld, the 3DS.
Sooooooo, what the fuck?