Changing your Windows Live ID is a pain!

Unscripted360 writes: Most people don’t understand that your email address isn’t just an email address when you use it on the Xbox 360. For every other service on the internet an email address is just an email address. However, with Microsoft and its system your email address has to be established as a Windows Live ID.

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Bounkass2656d ago

Make a good ID in the first place then and stop moaning...

Rush2656d ago

Am sorry but how vaguely gaming related can you get who approved this junk.

SKUD2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Those who submit/approved it should be perma banned.

2656d ago
Legion2656d ago

Openly identifying members for personal attack is against N4G policy.

Thecraft19892656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

lol at dell optiplex d600 I remember tutor had one of them when I was in high school.

Anyway not gaming related. I don't who approves some of this shit days.....................

zinkabassy2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

What the hell is windows live ID?
I am serious. Is that MSN id?

edit: ima stupid lol,.. will google,..

WHAT THE hell does this have to do with gaming?

DeaconBlade2656d ago

so you guys are telling me that updating a Gamertag with a Windows Live ID and the nightmare that it is for some people isn't gaming related?

Is this N4Sony? lol j/k

still, it is very much gaming related for anyone who has run into the problem on their Xbox 360...but then I supposed you'd have to own an Xbox 360 to understand.

and to the guy who said just have a good one...i hope you never in however long your gaming life is, forget a password or ever have your internet company end its domain .. and if you use Gmail or the like, i hope they never go under. ;) because you'll be in the same boat.

Legion2656d ago

I understand how this is game related and I have gone through similar issues with change IDs and such.

But the thing is this is really across the board on almost all services. My yahoo account, my gmail account, my google account, my hotmail account... etc. All are a pain if you forget the password and need to get access to it.

I still to this day have an IGN account that I can't get into and it still sends me updates about Halo 2 stuff every week. I can't get into the account to delete it or stop the e-mails, I can't block the e-mails or I loose all the updates from the new account I setup.

So basically identifying the Windows ID was not needed... the issue is across most all medium and services.

DeaconBlade2656d ago

wow ... that sucks Legion ... but thanks for at least understanding it's not just a fly-by-night article unrelated..

i just hope no one has to go through it ... i mean even if you lose a password or no longer have access to an email'd think there was an easier process in place to handle it ...

because let's face it ... shit happens .. but identifying yourself shouldn't be a breaking into Fort Knox experience.

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