Crytek: PS Vita will have 'a hard time' against mobile devices

Cevat Yerli speaks highly of Sony but says "it might be too late"

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WhiteLightning2679d ago


If I want a mobile phone I'll get a mobile phone

If I want a next gen Handheld I'll get the PSV


TBM2679d ago

Sorry crytek but im a gamers, gamer and I don't play on mobile phone with crappy games. I game on core gaming systems.

On my droid 2 I know I wont be able to play any of those launch titles coming for PSV. So your words mean absolutely jacksh*t to me.

Venjense2679d ago

It's a lot easier to play games at work on a phone than a handheld console.

If I was younger though, I'd definitely get a Vita

superadvanced2679d ago

Just like Crysis 2 is having a hard time against good games. Just like Crysis 2 graphics are having a hard time against Crysis 1. Problem, Crytek?

dedicatedtogamers2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

People forget that the EXACT SAME THINGS in this "mobile phones vs handhelds" debate were said when the DS and PSP launched, and whoops! The PSP and DS sold a combined total of over 200 million units.

Crytek is full of it. Good luck with that Kinect game!

MaxXAttaxX2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

As a gamer. That's what I care about.

Mobile gaming has nothing but simplified versions of REAL games found on actual gaming systems and $1 mini-games. There are higher production games that suffer due to the controls or are simply clones.

Sorry Crytek. Phone games just aren't the same.

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Headshot812679d ago

Looking at Crysis 2, it looks like crytek had a "Hard Time" on the PS3. Just saying.

WhiteLightning2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

The way they treat the PS3 version and the relationship they have with Microsoft dosen't surprized me that there saying this.

It's like the article about ND stating that the Wii U has nothing the PS3 dosen't already have...and some people said they couldn't believe them since they were a first party Sony studio.

Well I don't think I can take Crytek seriously when it has a better realtinship with Microsoft and treats the 360 better then the PS3.

MaxXAttaxX2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

had a hard against Crysis 1.

Technically, ND was not wrong. The PSV+PS3 combo is doing what the Wii U controller can. It may not work for every game, but it is possible and you can leave the room and go anywhere with the PSV.
Now, the fact that the controller is included with every Wii U is a separate subject.

Besides, they weren't dissing Wii U. They said it would do great and have awesome games too. They have good relationships with third-party developers.

Hanif-8762679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

I guess what he's trying to say is that next generation phones will be packing the same amount of horse power the PS Vita is. It would be comparable with console and PC whereas the PC hardware components are constantly evolving while the console's are at a stand still. Thats pretty much the reasoning behind it all. However, the PS Vita is packing alot of punch with quad everything with touch and actual buttons with best of all two analog sticks. So my argument is that it doesn't matter if a better phone comes out eventually with better hardware, its actually a phone after all. And its gonna have to suit that market also and quite frankly you can't please/suit everyone.

Chevalier2679d ago

Phones will have more power, but, they also suck up a lot of power and I don't do any gaming on my phone at all and just texting drains the thing like crazy. I actually need my phone for what I got it for not gaming. So more cpu or doesn't mean anything if your phone dies and you were needing it for work or whatever and you missed that important call/text because of gaming.

JoGam2679d ago

Games man the games is what we care about. Mobile phones have wack games.

DA_SHREDDER2679d ago

Its not gonna be a failure, but its not gonna have the success that Sony wants. LBP will never be able to replace Mario,the hardcore would rather play Uncharted on the big screens, and soccer moms would rather get a tab. The vita is for the the people who like to game on the go and falls for the gimmicks, which is only a fraction of the market pie.

BTW, the DS sold well cause it had huge 3rd party support from the beginning , and cause of Nintendo's first party games. Parents would rather give their kids a Nintendo. If this was a real phone it would have a of chance of having an impact on everyone. But most people don't wanna carry a phone and a vita. And people that have or want a tab just want a portable pc, which obviously is not what the psvita is gonna be able to acomplish cause its a dedicated gaming device. Its really simple actually. Sony is just playing it safe, and their shareholders are just trying to make sure they make their $$$$$$$$. So relax, your still gonna get your dumbed downed games, gimmicky controls, and your portable psn lite. Hopefully enough people fall for this thing that maybe we will get a ps Tab, or real psp phone?

MaxXAttaxX2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

- First of all, dumb***, LBP is NOT SUPPOSED TO REPLACE MARIO.
It's not even on the same system and has a VERY different gameplay philosophy.

- The hardcore? Do you even know the meaning?
Uncharted:GA is a different game with a different story and an overall different experience.
If someone loves the Uncharted games and enjoys playing on handhelds, you think they'd pass on a NEW game?

- It's a handheld system for GAMERS. You think most would rather play mobile/phone games when they can have superior controls and games on the PSV or Nintendo handheld?

- PS Vita will have strong first AND third-party support from the beginning. I can guarantee you a success. Sony's approach with the Vita is much better than the PSP(which sold 70mil).

- People don't want to carry a phone and a Vita, but they're fine carrying a phone and a tablet? or a phone and a laptop? Yeah....

- Dumbed down and gimmicky?
I guess no real gamer should've bought a GameBoy or any handheld system for that matter since they're just dumbed down versions of consoles.
Many portable games are designed

- Do you honestly think only parents and "soccer moms" buy handhelds? LMAO

- A PS Tablet? Why? It defeats the purpose of being a PlayStation system. Terrible controls on a tab or phone.

The PS Vita will have the best controls of any handheld system.

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OllieBoy2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Crytek is full of it. There are millions of people who still want to play actual games on a handheld, not bite-sized pieces of shit that you get bored of after two days.

BubbleSniper2679d ago

You should expect this from Crytek. they're in bed with ms right now.

Oldsnake0072679d ago

"I love Sony as a company, and we have great relations with them, but the Vita is going to have a hard time against the next generation mobiles and all the tablets.

you should learn to read.

Whitey2k2679d ago

vita is nowhere near like a mobile dunno y developers saying this crap besides vita is more powerful then a smartphone and besides id rather game on a portable handheld then sludging my dirty fingers all over a mobile screen

TABSF2679d ago

This is not true, the GPU in PSV is in iPad 2 right now.

Its not a thigh in contract, plus Terga 2 never mind Terga 3 already out strips PSV in terms of graphics.

Lets make it clear, just because they could put these chips in tables does not mean they won't come with buttons.

frelyler2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

No it's not. The GPU in the Vita is not in any device currently on the market. The Vita will be as of now the first device available with that GPU, it's a quad core remember. The IPAD 3 will have the same chip, but cost twice as much and have less features. The only thing it has on Vita is the screen size, but that is a double edged sword bc portability becomes an issue. Elitism does not make a device superior. Also the App store won't have s**t on the Vita bc from day one a crap load of PS1 and PSP games will be available on the device. I can't believe people are predicting this thing to fail. I can't wait for it.

MasterCornholio2679d ago

Most devs are happy with Vita. So i really dont trust Cryteks opinion. Hey Crytek make a game for the vita.

consolez_FTW2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Exactly, there are better developers than Crytek developing on the PSV. Crytek = really arrogant devs.

jujubee882679d ago

The CryEngine is on the PS Vita,

Convenient, aint it?


cochise3132679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Tell that to all the hardcore gamers who wants a vita. Touch screen controls suck and so does most of the games on phones. People who game on phones weren't going to buy a vita anyway. Dual analog sticks FTW

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