Assassins Creed Trailer.

The Assassins Creed official movie four, quite good watch and enjoy what GameSpot has for you.

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BSigel814000d ago

I would see it but their site is not getting any traffic from my IP. I wish u could have it embedded but, thats not how GS plays the game, anyway to bring in more suckers. But, that is just my opinion. I'll wait until next week, they can keep it if it means going on their site.

shodown194000d ago

I wonder if the PS3 version will be rated slightly higher than 360's? Due to Sony's aggressiveness on marketing the product as if it were a PS3 exclusive. Similar to how Microsoft advertised Madden.

Either way. I want to buy this game on day 1, but I'll wait for reviews. Cause I'm still up in the air on buying this first or CoD4 or Drakes Uncharted.

Only game I know for sure I'm purchasing this month in November is Fire Pro Wrestling on PS2!!

angel6044000d ago

Ive always wondered what the "head" button would do..since they put every body part on the control layout, but im guessing its to look around in first person

witchking4000d ago

The same issues from the E3 trailer are there. You fight in the center of a circle with four or five guys around you, and while you fight with one guy the others just watch? WTF? In one part of the video you actually see Altair pull off a finishing move by driving his sword into the stomach of a guy lying on the ground... and the guy RIGHT BEHIND ALTAIR WATCHES WITH YOU!!!

Either the AI is stupid as sin or the fighting system is ridiculously broken.

DeckUKold4000d ago

The fighting system it's very slow but other than that it's a generic PoP