The reason why Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga isn't coming to PSP

Conspiracy theorists can rest easy. And doom mongers needn't bother.

The explanation why The Complete Saga edition of Lego Star Wars is coming to DS (and home consoles) but not PSP has nothing to do with Nintendo forming the kind of alliance with publisher Activision that Palpatine himself would approve of.

Read on to find out the truth...

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4051d ago
PS360WII4051d ago

Just didn't have the time or resorces? Hmm wasn't it last NPD that said that 1 in 100 PSP owners buys a game? That might have something to do with it.

BrianC62344049d ago

Why would they release this game for the DS? The version last year was complete rubbish. All the reviews said it stunk. They should have killed it. The PSP version of the game was great. It deserved to see the rest of the series.