Call of Duty XP Ticket Information Revealed

Call of Duty XP tickets will go on sale July 19th, 2011 at 10am Pacific Daylight Time via a link on this site. Tickets are $150 and are valid for both days. Your ticket includes admission to all events and activities with the exception of food and beverage. You must provide your own travel to and from the location

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Batmau52653d ago

The real life map representation could be cool, but for $150? No thank you.

Soldierone2653d ago

yeah I was all interested and debating going, then I saw that...150 dollars? really? ...

Trunkz Jr2653d ago

They have to charge $150 cause $120 of it is for the food for all the fat CoD players that have lost their soul to activision.

jozzah2653d ago

"Attendees must be 18 years of age or older"

Wow so how many tickets are they going to sell if every MLG wanna be now can't attend.

AstroZombie12653d ago

Surely that's a good thing?

theonlylolking2653d ago

That is their main audience they are blocking. Even adults on COD act poorly.

JeffGUNZ2653d ago

@ theonlylolking

Really? I'd say in my experience a vast majority of the players I face in Call of Duty rarely have a mic.