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Godmars2902656d ago

Of course only the Japanese would create a robot that would molest a computer server.

At least Humpbot from Robot Chicken humps - everything it can...

Louis_Guzman2655d ago

I'd hump your avatar that's for sure. Nice vernier thrusters, babe.

LightofDarkness2656d ago

The man made a silly face :p

Cloudberry2656d ago

Just like Yakuza series, the motion-capture animations & actings are great.

Some of the scenes are quite cliche, but still in a good way.

FEARprototype2656d ago

man this shit is scary! more then resident evil or dead space! i hope the game is better then yakuza in every way.{still waiting for yakuza 5 though}

pedrami912656d ago

didn't seem all "shoot first ask later" type of game.

It seems to be heavy on the story, my kind of game !

Quagmire2656d ago

Seemes like your generic sci fi action shooter game until they released a new trailer a few weeks ago, detailing the fight between man and machine, a kinda maybe sorta Terminator game, perhaps?

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The story is too old to be commented.