Interview: Cellius - Namco & Sony's Secret Weapon?

Gamasutra: Gamasutra speaks to Cellius VP Hideo Teramoto about the unusual Japanese research-focused joint venture that recently began development of Ridge Racer for Sony's upcoming PlayStation Vita.

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Surfaced2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Cellius pisses me off immensely. A few years ago there were some documents purporting to show some in-development Cellius PS3 games.

All 3 of those games have evaporated.

So what has Cellius actually made since inception 4 years ago?

A Japan-only PS3 Evangelion-themed news service. And it was discontinued a year after launching. It left some of us with the taint of a Trophy Set that can never be completed.

So what now? They're making Ridge Racer? Honestly who gives a damn. Ridge Racer has been irrelevant since the dawn of this generation.

Sorry if I'm bitter but I'm wholly unimpressed by Cellius, especially after reading their ambitious mission statement a few years back: "to help take share from Microsoft Corp. and Nintendo Co."

a_bro2656d ago

yea, i remembered the concept games they were planning on making, it was a joint effort with project aces aparently. what the hell happened? will we see these concepts with the PS4?

Godmars2902656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

I honestly thought that the news service was a test for a character animator for JRPGs. Something to use instead of the typical static pics during dialog. Figured that because it was likely proprietary, what with Namco only just now getting into making an actual PS3-only JRPG, that it died as a result of in-house fighting.

And why would you buy a Japanese news reader?

[email protected]:
Might be wrong, but pretty sure Cellius wasn't connected with those games. That Namco just promised them then didn't deliver. That Cellius happened as a vehicle - a corner - to shove Ken Kutaragi into after all of the initial negativity towards the PS3. The price statement he made.

Surfaced2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

I never bought anything.

You could download the app from the Japanese PS Store and play it, and it would install the Trophy Set on your account.

But you couldn't earn any Trophies unless you bought a Subscription. And you could only buy the subscription using a Japanese account: meaning you needed a Japanese credit card or PSN card that would redeem Yen.

Even after you bought a subscription, it would only activate on your Japanese PSN account. If you tried to use the service on your native account, it still wouldn't award any Trophies.

I was excited when I read about this news service because I love Evangelion and its predecessor, Mainichi Issho, was very enjoyable and totally free. That's why I downloaded it.

A year later, the Evangelion news service was removed from the PS Store, but if you ever booted it up on your PS3, you had the Trophy Set installed, permanently at 0%.

Back when the PS3 jailbreak was happening, I was so desperate to get a 100% that I jailbroke my PS3 and used a hack that supposedly could give the Platinum trophy for any game. It worked, but when I tried to sync my Trophies to the PSN servers, it remained unchanged: 0%.

Overall a very, very bad experience.

sinncross2656d ago

There was actually no evidence that Cellius were even making these games at all. At beast they were most likely ideas being thrown around for potential games.
I agree that Cellius has resulte in nothing pretty much but Ridge Racer Vita could be awesome. THe tech demo they had at E3 looked quite cool: it will be interesting to see whether RR PSV is a standard RR title or something new and exciting.

Hoping for the latter of course

mastiffchild2656d ago

Well, reading this doesn't fill me with any belief at all. when he said that being able to have ideas wasn't enough and they had to be able to make them reality I just felt, like, "we've seen NOTHING from you guys-not even in Sony or Namco games you didn't make yourselves!".

If the only concrete things they can point to is yet another sodding RR(seriously,do we NEED another one, like, EVER?)and some voice synthesis tech for Namco? Great showing after four years. Way to show all the ideas you have becoming so very "real". Christ, so much was expected and they were so trumpeted and nothing.

Louis_Guzman2656d ago

Yeah I remember those. I really liked the look of Brave arms.

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wenaldy2656d ago

Heard this loooooooong time ago and none of every single game yet to be released.. Instead Namco released an Ace Combat exclusive for X360.. -_-

tiffac2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

What I would like to hear from Bamco when it comes with partnering with Sony is releasing the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia west side(Yeah I would like to have the pirate too) and confirm a localized release of Tales of Xillia.