GameStop Completes Impulse Website Integration

Steam is the world-wide leader in digital distribution and game management, but that isn't to say that there aren't any competitors out there. Impulse has earned a name for itself as a relative competitor, but has been lacking the user base needed to over throw Steam. However, GameStop is looking to lend a helping hand by integrating Impulse services within the website.

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pungello882707d ago

GameStop needs in on the digital distribution market, they may be facing trouble down the road if they don't adapt

Gunshot2707d ago

Agreed, lets see how this plays out.

Cwalk8162706d ago

I agree, I just hope they don't end up closing stores to concentrate on digital distribution.

noxeven2707d ago

Impulse owned like one percent of the market i thought, eh who knows

DanielComfort2706d ago

Well, has all the trappings of a digital distributor, anyways.

flipmop442706d ago

good for gamestop but I'll stick with steam for now