5 Games I Would Kill For

Damien Munoz from iGG says: We all have games that set us off with an orgasmic sensation. Those certain series and characters get us all riled up inside, filling us with great anticipation and excitement. But what about those games that don’t even exist, but we would get incredibly worked up if they did. What games would drive you to your highest amount of anticipation? Here is my list.

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zeal0us2658d ago

The Dark Knight Movie Game...only if Rocksteady is making it. Sadly if they do, I usually don't have high hopes for movie-video games.

KH HD-collection/collection would be something interesting, only time can tell.

rabidpancakeburglar2658d ago

I wouldn't really say that any of those are worth killing for despite how good previous titles may have been. I wouldn't be a fan of a dark knight game.

trainsinrdr2657d ago

GTA HD remake is all i care about or gta5 ... basically anything gta related

Ranshak2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

HD version was originally released on PC. Later multiple mods have been released to make the game look even better. It gets better you can buy the HD version of Steam for a couple of USD ;-)

Later you dont even have to worry if it will be compatible with the next box in the future. Since PC compatibility stays for a very long long time.

consolez_FTW2657d ago

A FF7 HD remake. I'm not talking about good graphics and crap gameplay. I'm talking about Great! graphics and awesome gameplay to fit this gen. Thats just because FF7 is in my top 10 games of all time

2657d ago
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