Top 5 Games To Save A Relationship

The more gaming grows, the bigger the involvement of time it demands on those who play, and don't. If you are looking for a mate, love to game, or have one. You have to find a way to make it all work. Well here are some games that can ease the burden, and perhaps turn that significant person into a gamer. Girl or guy. Here are five games to start saving a relationship.

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Aloren2744d ago

I'd put flower on that list.

J5Feedback2744d ago

-"I think we should just take a break."

-"B-b-b-but we can play Bomberman!"

Someone explain to me how a game can "save" a relationship. A lot of girls already resent their boyfriends for playing them.

Lord_Sloth2744d ago

Those girls are not worthy of my seed.

Begone, ye common harlots!

itani2744d ago

One thing that can save a relationship is playing Zelda's Lullaby to your girlfriend.

xabmol2744d ago

If you think that playing a video game can save a relationship, you may have just Stumbled Upon the problem...

Oldman1002744d ago

This website/article is FUBAR, the article just disappears when you scroll down. C'mon N4G, at least check to see if the site actually works properly before approving.

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