DiRT 3 Mud and Guts DLC available now

DGP: "DiRT 3 continues its weekly regime of DLC spoonfuls with the Mud and Guts car pack, featuring five new cars."

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Yi-Long2681d ago

... is just sickening.

I'm glad I didn't buy this game. Will wait till they release a complete edition, if I'm still interested in it by then.

LegendarySins2680d ago

I agree with you about the milking, sickens me too cos I want the DLC but I'm not gonna pay those prices. In saying that though you should still buy the game its excellent. You dont need the DLC really, you will have just as much fun without it, theres still a very good selection of cars and tracks.

Yi-Long2680d ago

... but ONLY once they release a complete edition, if ever.

I'm not gonna spend my money on a game that has limited rally-races in the first place compared to the old rally-games, and they even had the gall to leave out the best stages for this one... (the asian ones), which they'll probably sell as DLC...(!)

Raf1k12680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

I bought this game and realised I can't complete the second set of races in the first season simply because the last race is supposed to be downloaded. That's rediculous and has put me off from playing it.

I've never really cared for DLC but when it stops me from getting gold at the end of a championship it makes me give a damn.

PandaJenkins2680d ago

I finished every race with no dlc... what are you on about?

Raf1k12680d ago

After you finish a championship the triangle for it usually goes gold if you got gold for all the races. I got gold for the second championship and platinum for the drift race but it didn't go gold or any other colour. There is however one race I haven't done which is part of some DLC it tells me I need to download. I'll try get an image of it.

Raf1k12680d ago

I took a look at my scores and it seems I was wrong. Seems like the even though I got platinum for the drift race it hasn't given me the score for it which could be why I'm 50 points short.

Knushwood Butt2680d ago

Yeah, the more I hear about the game, the more I think I'll wait for the budget release that has DLC included. If it doesn't, I'll pass. Only interested in the rally content.

CrimsonEngage2680d ago

lol. People complain about their favorite games not getting DLC. Then they bitch when they are being giving DLC.

Someone yesterday said Netherrealm where milking the MK DLC. Really? lmao. At least they let you pick the fighters you want to download instead of charging you $15 for a pack with only one fighter you will ever use.

Stop your bitching. They don't have to give you shit at all.

LegendarySins2680d ago

It's the price people complain about not the DLC. If these were free then everyone would be over the moon, but £4+ for 5 cars is extremely expensive, and if they are for releasing 5 cars at a time for this price just imagine how much money the game will cost in the end up possibly well over £100. This is what milking is.