Has SSX Zoe Comic Strip Hinted To DJ Atomica Joining The Deadly Descent Party?

EA has graced Final Level with another comic strip to sink our teeth into to get us all pumped for the return (and hopefully a good return this time) of the SSX franchise, here we have a comic strip in which DJ Atomica, a former host and narrator for SSX 3 informs us on the activities of SSX snowboarding veteran Zoe.

Whilst the comic looks great and it’s now obvious that Zoe will be joining Elise Riggs, Kaori and Moby, does the use of DJ Atomica to narrate the comic mean that we may get to hear him again in SSX: Deadly Descent?

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LoLZoRz2748d ago

I wish. Atomika is awesome and Zoe looks sexy.

jaymart2748d ago

SSX Dirt Bike Game?

Looks like Freekstyle


WesMcLaren2748d ago

As long as Psymon is in there, I'm buyin'!!!

Quagmire2748d ago

Isnt DJ Atomica from Burnout Paradise?

joshpoppedyou2742d ago

nah he was originally in ssx 3, in burnout paradise he makes quite a few quotes on ssx 3