Super Mario Brothers 3 VC Video Review

Still thinking about getting Super Mario Bros 3 on the VC? Check out this video review.

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ATLRoAcH4001d ago

Is the game that got me here today.That game is by far a classic.Along with Battle Toads I loved that game.

solar4001d ago

hell ya. battletoads was so much fun to beat the crap outta your friends. smb.3 rocked out also. :D

Prismo_Fillusion4001d ago

Did anyone actually watch this? SO amateur. Oh lord.

Shaka2K64001d ago

WTF is this something anti-Sony like that crap.

sm3 is some of the best games of the nes era, anyone knows this.

' 'Battle Toads I loved that game. ' '

Yeah good game specially while playing 2 players though, it was hard as crap i remenber i couldnt get pass a level with the flying motorcycles.

solar4001d ago

lol! me either. kicking the crap outta a friend was definately where that game was at :D

DeckUKold4001d ago

almost as addictive as tetris

live3604001d ago

" 2 -
Did anyone actually watch this? SO amateur. Oh lord"

Why do you say that?

TheSadTruth4001d ago

because it is edited horribly? The guy also talks about it being too difficult because he couldn't beat the ship level.. any f***ing 12 year old can beat that level, which is kind of sad that some guy that doesn't even know how to play video games is trying to review a video game

forum_crawler4001d ago

Super Mario games were never easy, and I am sure I would find that level to be difficult now.

SM3 is definitely one of the best games ever made, it truly proved that Nintendo could do great things with the NES. I am so glad I am getting this VC game!!!

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