Virgin Gaming dropped the ball for competitive Killzone

For the last few weeks I’ve had the “pleasure” of playing in the Virgin Gaming Killzone 3 40K tournament on While the opportunity to play in a large-scale tournament for a game I enjoy is thrilling, I am so frustrated with practically every decision VG has made leading up to this point. So, where should I begin?

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StarWolf2657d ago

thats what happens when they dont use GB/MLG

Spitfire_Riggz2657d ago

Wow good article. That is just ridiculous about people being in 4 place with a record of 40-200. While i saw a team in 9th or so who was 50-9 which the RATIO is a lot better

mayberry2652d ago

I attempted to get in this competition, but gave up because of the convoluted way to get a squad among other things done wrong!