Sessler's Soapbox: EA vs. Valve

G4: "In this week's Soapbox The Sess discusses the future of digital distribution and what he thinks may be going on behind the scenes."

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Hufandpuf3793d ago

Why is this even a discussion. EA obviously wants a share in digital distribution to expand the company. No, it's not going to overtake Steam so let's not cry about this anymore.

Graphics3792d ago

Did you listen to what he said?

MintBerryCrunch3792d ago

you know how hard it was to pay attention to him with Portal 2 playing in the background

on topic: i think one of the reasons why Steam is so successful is the large support Valve gives to Indie Devs, they are very open to what games can be put on their service, you can mod be connected to other people and have all of your games in one place, EA only has that titles that it owns and publishes, its library is pretty small compared to Steam, now if EA went and published their WHOLE library, a game like Road Rash being on Origin would probably be revitalized and other classic titles as well

ATiElite3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

and he really had nothing to say.

Anyway EA, GameStop, XBL, and Valve will be the major Digital Dealers in the future.

Valve will continue to dominate the market. They have all the major PC titles, Indie titles, plus they have a dedicated community of over 30 million plus they have the best in house game catalog of all. a few EA titles not being on Steam is not gonna hurt Steam one bit. Actually it will only cause EA to loose money.

EA Origins and Gamestop Online will all continue to make small amounts of cash (compared to Steam). Most companies are looking to kill off Game Stop and EA's catalog is not to the point where they will have a 30 million plus community of dedicated buyers. Although EA will gain some more games in the future from different publishers they still will not be able to compete with Steam. It's just like GFWL vs. Steam and that didn't work for GFWL at all.

XBL will dominate the console market especially if the Xbox 720 is more digital distribution orientated. will find out more at E3 2012.

All Publishers already sale their own products on their own websites and they all know it would be stupid to remove their games from a centralized place like Steam that gets so many customers per hour.

Perfect example....everybody goes to Target or Wal-mart therefore most companies want their products on the shelves at those stores and basically Steam is Target and Wal-mart when it comes to Digital Games. EA hasn't completely removed all their stuff from STeam cause I'm guessing they are trying to see how much money Origins can make vs. Steam on some products.

Plus EA removed Crysis 2 from Steam right before the DX11 patch in hopes of getting a rush of PC buyers but too little too late.

Blizzard and battle.Net would actually have a community the size of Steam with all the SC2, Daiblo and WOW players on their servers. Steam doesn't sell these huge Blizzard titles but that hasn't stopped Steam.

ViserysTargaryen3792d ago

This guy is supposed to be a gaming critic? The reasoning behind the "spat" is obvious to me.

zeal0us3792d ago

Origin will probably just be another GWFL.

I wonder why no1 compared the two yet, guess GFWL no longer a factor or something.

BeastlyRig3792d ago

no one can be as bad as microsft! At least EA has a slight idea of what game might want..

GrilledCheeseBook3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Can't be compared in that GFWL really has no source of a steady flow of games. Microsoft barely has a 1st party in devs and even then they are almost all dedicated to Xbox. EA on the other hand can give a steady stream of games to put on Origin. Origin in game overlay is also better in my opinion.
GFWL is just plain bad compared to the alternatives. Origin at least is somewhat good and not a hassle.

air13792d ago

When this really kicks off all of the devs and pubs are going to want to be in on it. I'm sure the last ppl they want to find an exploit is gamestop and others like that that make a killing off these games.

banjadude3792d ago

The only reason why I like STEAM over Origins is, Valve has way better deals/variety of games, and since I already built up quite a collection, I'd rather have everything in one central area.