BattleField 3: Is Dice Hiding The Visual Truth Behind Touched Up Trailers

Featuring one of the longest lines at E3 2011 was EA’s hit shooter, Battlefield 3. The game looks like it can make the Battlefield run green with money come this holiday seasons. While at E3, something seemed odd about EA’s media presentation of Battlefield 3

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Shackdaddy8362654d ago

That's kinda hard to believe since all the other websites said it was better than what they expected...


An article for hits...Any one can randomly think off a conspiracy.

We all know the graphics r very good touched up or not.

Js2Kings2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I agree with that. The whole tank demo was an actual demo, plus there were multiplayer hands-on footage. Both looked amazing. Sometimes I think N4G gets easily trolled. Here's a note N4G members: just because someone has a website and an article, doesn't mean it's not BS.

BeastlyRig2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I guess they had a touched up E3 demo?

It still is on par with the best looking shooters when watched a crappy quality video!

so imagine in 1080p!

theonlylolking2654d ago

LOL I was going to say that. If BF3 was really touched up then how did the E3 demo look so good? Consoles are so far behind PC's that when a game actually uses a gaming PC's ability, peeps think it is touched up.

radchris2654d ago

More bullshit stories looking for hits

trainsinrdr2654d ago

Ofcourse they are just like every other dev.
Its kinda like using autotune in the music industry.
But when it plays live it isnt as good as you were expecting.

Thatguy-3102654d ago

I guess so .. I mean Thats what they did with Battlefield Bad company 2... When I first saw the trailer I was so amazed at the graphics but little did I know that they were using the PC version to advertise the looks of that game..

Hufandpuf2654d ago

But it was still in-game.

kaveti66162654d ago

Console gamers have an inflated sense of entitlement.

They don't realize that the console version of a game is not the bona fide version of the game.

The PC version is the true version. If EA's marketing group decided to advertise game using the bona fide version footage rather than the crappier version, they had every right to do that.

It pays to be educated on the matter. EA and many other publishers prey on the ignorance of the masses of teenagers who will think it's either 360 or PS3 footage.

DigitalxPiracy2654d ago

Why wouldn't they show the best looking footage? Just because YOU can't play the best version doesn't mean they can't show it. Now if they show PC footage and label it as Xbox/PS3 gameplay that's a different story.

ChozenWoan2653d ago

or PS3 footage and claim it's 360.... Looking at you SquareEnix. >.>

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