Console Sales Drop Dramatically In June 2011

GameBlurb:"Console sales across the board are this the end of the modern gaming era as we know it?"

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RahatR2658d ago

Wonder if it had anything to do with e3....shame infamous2 came out then too.

firemassacre2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

expect them to rise again when uncharted 3 releases.


wow, since you have all of the answers smart guy tell me exactly how much its going to sell? no better yet, how many awards is it going to get? will it get game of the year? when will the ps4 come out? will they ever make diablo for the ps3? look everyone this guy is a psychic!

xstation792658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

uncharted 3 isn't going to sell systems. It probably won't sell very well itself.

Edit: I'm not sure how I'm trolling given the fact that uncharted 2 didn't sell good at all. So now all of a sudden uncharted 3 is going to be a system seller?

Edit 2: Your calling me a smart guy when you yourself claimed that the ps3 was going to pick up in sells because of uncharted 3? Ps3 fanboys get dumber every year

SoapShoes2658d ago

Uncharted 2 is at over 5 million. Guess you heard the wrong information about it doing poorly?

cochise3132658d ago

@ xstation79

I think you may want to check the uncharted sales number before you spew non sense. Uncharted 2 sold 5 million and the first uncharted sold about 3.5 million. If the game didn't sell well there wouldn't be a third one.

MysticStrummer2658d ago

@xstation79 - You're trolling because that's what you do. Facts can be fun to learn before making statements.

sphinct2658d ago

Consoles sales typically dip during the summer. The big games of spring have passed and the rest of the big hitters are waiting for the all important Holiday season. A dearth of big releases very naturally results in lower console sales for the period.

I prophecy that sales will pick back up starting in late September.

aGameDeveloper2657d ago

While it is true that gaming spending drops every summer, the article talks about a 20+% drop over the SAME PERIOD LAST YEAR.

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showtimefolks2658d ago

things will pick up again when so many heavy hitters will come out.


troll much?

SilentNegotiator2658d ago

Exactly, sales always drop during this time.

mugoldeneagle032658d ago

And these are historically the worst gaming months?

Try telling me sales are down around November, and then I'll start to panic

kneon2658d ago

They are comparing versus the same period last year, not month over month, so a 21% drop is significant.

But then it is just Pachter's estimates so it could be way off, he has been before.

Lazy_Sunday2658d ago

Maybe consoles are getting too old. People want the next best thing, and most people who want to buy consoles have already done so.

TheXonySbox2657d ago

Yeah, tunnel vision OP' look at the bigger picture.

DoomeDx2657d ago

Its summer..some people have lives and dont spend money of games in the summer.

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junk3d2658d ago

It will pick back up by August with Deus Ex and all the big hit releases coming out at that time.

PattHpapong2658d ago

It's flight season after all

jaidek2658d ago

Ouch, I would have to agree though it has to be the summer droughts. I would love to see these numbers compared to other forms of entertainment to see if every industry is in a slump.

cochise3132658d ago

That's because it's summer time; people travel go on vacation. People who get a lot of snow in the winters appreciate the summer a lot more, so they go outside more. Gaming sales always drop until the holiday rush.

Gordo7892658d ago

I hear that. Summer time is time to be outside, before the harrowing fields of ice return.

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