Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm screenshots

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, 12 screen shots; Officially supported mod Rising Storm, 5 screen shots.

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caboose322653d ago

I dont understand why they make all these expansions for the game right away. It really tends to separate the community and thus less people in each different game.

sovietsoldier2653d ago

you don't know what your talking about, go back under the bridge troll.

caboose322653d ago

How am I a troll?

I Have Red Orchestra and every time a new expansion came out less and less people would be in RO.

Just like in BF2 when they released like 5 expansions, by the end of it all they realized that the community was too separate and decided to release all the content free and in one game through a patch.

I was stating an opinion not trolling you idiot. Learn the difference next time.

xruiner892653d ago

The expansions have been developed by mod teams and most if not all will be released for free.

NestorMakhno2653d ago

LOL - We demand LESS content, NAO!!!