Soldier Of Fortune: Pay Back Exclusive Multiplayer Hands-on

GameInformer writes:
"We played the Xbox 360 version of the game, which is also coming out on the PlayStation 3 and PC. We spotted a few achievements, which are divided about equally throughout the single and multiplayer game modes. You can get the Quicker than Diet and Exercise achievement for destroying every part of an enemy in a single shot (thank goodness for the shotgun!). You can grab one for performing 100 knife kills across your Xbox Live career, too.

After our time with the game, we're pleasantly surprised with how it's coming along. It definitely faces stiff competition this holiday season, but if you're looking for an FPS with strong multiplayer elements and an old-school feel, you may want to check it out. And while it may have started out as a value-priced game, it definitely doesn't look, feel or play like a bargain-bin game."

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MK_Red4092d ago

This would officially be the gories multiplayer ever. Can't wait. Love it's gory achievements.

solar4092d ago

more console fps's adopted the keyboard / mouse controls. this game sounds fun, much like a CSS but with the fun factor of a BF game. wow did that make sense? XD

Skerj4092d ago

I still for the life of me can't figure out why they didn't even announce the game until like what 2 months ago?

MK_Red4092d ago

Agreed. No word, info and announcement for all of the year and then suddenly everything is shown and it will come out less than 3 months after it was announced!

Even direct-to-video films don't come out this fast. I still hope this turns out good. Loved original SOF.

led10904092d ago

cause they knew that had they announced it earlier it was gonna be banned at many places so they announced it as close to the release as possible

xc7x4092d ago

than what it used to be,hmmm and no destruction either? rental or used buy for sure