Peter Molyneux: 'They used to criticise the PC mouse... Kinect will take time'

The gaming legend on Milo, Kinect and the Amiga...

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Zir04347d ago

You can't really blame him seems like everyone knows if you interview Peter Molyneux you are sure to get hit grabbing headlines, thats why he is constantly interviewed.

Yi-Long4347d ago

... waving my limbs to get something done.

That's NOT how I want to play games. So no matter how good Kinect will become (or Move, or Wii-mote), it just isn't for ME.

I just want to sit down, controller in my hand, and play the game that way. That's all.

And I want my games to be challenging and have a good and deep story. Stuff that Peter has neglected to include in his latest games....

Drekken4347d ago

And thats where the whole push for kinect comes up short. No one wants to work out all night when they get home. Its ok for an hour or two... but I'm not going to fill my game collection with games I have to "work".

Bereaver4347d ago

Wait? What? Was the mouse as heavily criticized as Kinect? I wasn't around for that era. My first computer was running windows... what was it..... lol I can't even remember. Like 2.3 or something? Not sure. Right before AOL started to hit.

Anyway, what other option did you have to the mouse? And what kind of improvement did the mouse offer? I'm sure much more than kinect. For casual games, kinect is indeed offering a vast improvement. But for other games, it's a power glove.

JohnnyMann4204347d ago

Everytime he talks I get pissed latetly. Peter! For godsakes man, you were a PC Genius. Now you are a console wannabe with a lot of bad ideas. Fable Kinect? What a stupid idea.

Why not make B&W 3? How about Theme Hospital 2?

How about a new populous? Hell you could probably even make it Kinect compatible and it would make more sense than Fable Kinect.

JohnnyMann4204347d ago

@ Bereaver I was around then and no the mouse was not criticized as much. There were a lot of new input devices back then...mostly joysticks etc. Where the mouse was criticized (by some) was as a gaming tool. FPSs really changed this aspect and 3d gaming. Until then you used the arrows on the keyboard. He is stretching it though. The mouse was a input tool. Kinect is taking what we already have (a controller) and making it worse. The only good point he makes is any tool can be good if the right developer utilizes it.

NukaCola4347d ago

I wish Peter would just make BC already. Forget Kinect. Everything he says anymore leads me to believe he is going insane. Like MS is doing experiments on him like in A Clockwork Orange. He is almost complely off his rocker.

chaos-lockheart4347d ago

I think Kinect is a great way to play games,but has to use with controller altogether, cause you cant fully play every game with kinect. it will be clumsy and hard to control some things, and wont feel natural. like how can you walk around? how can you shoot without opening your hand and closing it like your using your hand like a sock puppet.

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JsonHenry4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

Unlike the mouse, I am much too lazy to ever adjust happily to Kinect-like controls. :)

@TyrionL It is called a joke. Look it up. And I move my arms quite a bit at the gym. I don't need or want to do that when I play a video game.

TyrionL4347d ago

That's pretty pathetic if you ask me, and people wonder why they call us lazy fat Americans? It's not like its a high impact workout, you just have to move your arms.

Baka-akaB4347d ago

Not everyone here is american for starters .

And just try playing those games for days non stop . Bare the actual sports games , its probably an even bigger sources of trouble than the usual carpal tunnel .

Not everyone want bite sized arcady games experience , and those motion control device are tiring for even fit people , when applied to "core games" . Especially when even the most basics functions of shooting , slashing or opening a door is a motion .

Wanna play 500 hrs of skyrim that way ? I know i dont , be it on move , wii u , kinect or whatever .

JohnnyMann4204347d ago

Lol yeah... and not everyone has 8 ft of space to use the "new age mouse" Kinect.

What a joke.

Kinect sucks.

JohnnyMann4204347d ago

@TyrionL Sorry that he is speaking the truth about your beloved Kinect. Who the hell wants to wave his arms around all day while trying to play a game. It's called simplicity. If it was about getting a workout then he would be playing some fitness game crap.

Besides Kinect just sucks. It really does.

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lelo2play4347d ago


If you don't want to read what he has to say... why the hell did you come here and comment the article?

Heres a idea!!! Ignore Peter Molyneux's articles and go away.

phosphor1124347d ago

Lmao, this guy. The mouse (along with the GUI) were the GREATEST inventions that can ever happen for PC's. When Doom got it's mouse support NO ONE hated it, why? Because it made the game play so much better. There was no more need for "legacy" controls that were bulky and limiting.

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SuperSaiyan44347d ago

Who on this entire planet criticised the PC mouse??? PM needs to seriously get FIRED!

StayStatic4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

I dunno , i had some harsh words about the roller ball , especially when it needed cleaning or the ball would get stuck briefly.

Back in day lol

Reefskye4347d ago

when the mouse was first invented there was people who did criticised it, They thought all you need is a keyboard.

JsonHenry4347d ago

A LOT of people complained about the mouse when it first came out. Of course at the time it came out there was very little software/OSes that actually made good use of it.

Bonobo123454347d ago

Before the mouse it was joystick, People did criticize the mouse when they first started using it.

In a way its come around back to the controller, which is really a modified joystick when you think about it.

Peter has it wrong about this though, the thing that got the mouse used widely was compelling titles.

peter has none.

Baka-akaB4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

problem is molyneux forget an important part ... the one where , while people complaining about joysticks and mouses , those were accepted once people realized they simplified cumbersome controls .

How is waving arms and jumping around a simpler and more pratical control scheme than instantly using your fingers on buttons ?

The use of voice recognition , maybe , and it would depends on the game (like launching units production instead of selecting a building , then the option , in a rts) ... but motion controls ? meh

Jocosta4347d ago

Fired is a tad harsh,don't you think?

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Inside_out4347d ago

I think the next wave will show more promise then the last but that is to be expected.

For me, other than any game that requires or can use full body motion controls ( Dance, fitness...etc ), Kinect could find a home as more of an add on as opposed to an outright stand alone system...kinda like a AI in a game.

Headtracking and voice commands, albeit not a new thing, seem to add the most to more traditional game play methods.

For me, talking/yelling/jumping at my Tv to change the channel or jumping up and down at 3 o'clock in the morning screaming and waving at the Tv is not my type of gaming.

In the end it's a matter of choice.

BeastlyRig4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

Kinect sucks!! They should patch that..

divideby04347d ago

PM opens mouth, inserts foot.. apologies later..

this happens almost all the time he talks...
what a baffoon....

he has not put out a good game (according to him) in such a long time. even Fable fans see how bad the last games came out

divideby04347d ago

DAs... use the search feature and find how many times PM opens mouth, over promises, underdelivers AND than HE says the game was not what he thought it was

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