F1 2010 dev surprised by game's success

The F1 2010 development team at Codemasters didn't believe the game (which has sold more than 2.3 million units globally) would have the commercial and critical success it went on to achieve.

"We were already working on the 2011 game almost as soon as we shipped the '10, so when it came to the awards for '10 it was a case of, 'Oh yeah, that game that we made last time around.' It almost justified the direction that we took with '10," F1 2011 chief game designer Stephen Hood told

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Arkrite2657d ago

"It was a huge rush for us to get that game out the door, we were really pushing against time"
you could tell what with the freezing up, frame rate and all the other issues.
got rid of it after a few months

RedDragan2657d ago

The game was fine for me on PS3, it didn't have frame rate issues. But I got it on PC as well because I have some friends who got that version.

Not sure why the Devs were so suprised by it selling pretty well though, it is after all one of the Big 4 Sports.

Football (Soccer), F1, Rugby and Cricket. They are the biggest sports on the planet, watched by so many people. No other sport even gets close to the four. Ofcourse it was going to sell even if nobody knew about it who wasn't a dedicated gamer.

Just imagine if they advertised this game properly in the F1 nations (everywhere bar America), it would have sold many, many more millions.

Ddouble2656d ago

Haven't had much time to play it because of GT5 but i don't think they should be suprised at all, especially after last years F1 season. I'm looking to dive straight in on this 2011.

cheetah2656d ago

Bought the game day 1 for PS3, played it to death with a G27, sold the wheel and the game 6 months ago and only last week purchased a discounted copy of the game again. Codemasters are the leaders as far as racing games go and F1 2010 is no exception.

Anyone who whines about some of the small problems (pit bug, legend AI being too slow, minor graphical glitches) really needs to get a life. 2011 is going to be wicked.