Should Capcom Really Release Super Marvel vs. Capcom 3?

Recent rumors have surfaced that Capcom will be officially announcing a Super Marvel vs. Capcom 3 game at this year’s Comic-con event. Is this the right thing for Capcom to do or is the company asking too much money from its loyal customers?

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Lovable2708d ago

Lol...if this is true then god damn...

velcry2708d ago

I think nothing will stop Capcom from doing this.

Problem is that people bought the Super version for SF4. Capcom knows there's a market for it.

This is the reason why I skipped over MvC3 initially.

bakasora2708d ago

I makes me feel I got ripped off.

midgard2272708d ago

they can release it, aslong as the other characters are dlc cuz im not payin full price for the game again

Quagmire2707d ago

I say yes, that way people will have the ability to purchase the game for cheaper, but with all previous DLC bundled together. I dunno who thought buying a Capcom fighting game day 1 was a smart idea, we all know how it ends up eventually (with about 10 iterations with minor adjustments)

Godchild10202708d ago

Then we will get Super MVC3 Arcade Edition.

tunaks12708d ago

so that Marvel vs Capcom 3 price goes down

just_sayin2708d ago

we can say no,but capcom's going to anywzy

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The story is too old to be commented.