Microsoft responds to Blu-ray attacks

In response to this week's Blu-ray Disc Festival in Los Angeles, Kevin Collins, director in the Microsoft Consumer Media Technology Group, defended the company's backing of the next-generation HD DVD format.

"The [Blu-ray] camp's claims about Microsoft's desire to have a format war are baseless," Collins said. "Microsoft has over 100 people working on HD DVD interactivity and we believe that HD DVD is the next-generation optical format."

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PimpHandHappy4002d ago

Kevin Collins, director in the Microsoft Consumer Media Technology Group, defended the company’s backing of the next-generation HD DVD format.

what else would he say!??!?!?!

Its ok thou

We all know what the best format is

ruibing4002d ago

How can they support HD-DVD actively and still not be part of the format war? That is quite a contradiction. It is like a soldier loading up bullets for one side of a war but claiming to be a neutral civilian, it just doesn't work.

TheExodus4002d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

MS didn't start the format war & nobody in the DVD forum chose HD-DVD over Blu-ray. Sony & friends walked away from the DVD forum & formed the BDA. It is Sony who started the format war & continues it by dumping the PS3 on the U.S. market at 1/2 the cost of production. MS may have deep pockets, but they were already working with the DVD forum before Sony got froggy.

robep34001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

Yes MS was so sure that HD-DVD drive was fitted as standard to BILL'S GRILL sorry xbox 360.HEY IT WASNT because BILL really wants everything downloaded so he can control that as well!!!!.


pwnsause4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

If Hd-DVD is truly the next-Generation Optical Format, then why didnt they added Hd-DVD on their 360s from the start, or added it with the introduction of the 360 elite? Microsoft, you guys make no sense, just say that you want to give Sony and the BDA a big headache by confusing people in the format war so that consumers can fall for your monopolization of Digital Distribution. You guys know that Toshiba would of dumped HD-DVD a long time ago if Microsoft didnt get involved in this mess. They like superior technology, but yet they opted in for low end tech just so they dont have to face their Sony (their Rivals) and the BDA for BD Licensing.
THey knew that BD was going to be embedded onto the PS3. People, Remember Transformers. That Movie was supposed to have 7.1 surround sound, and that wasnt done cause of the storage limit that HD-DVD has, do you guys want HD-DVD? seriously. Do you guys want to replace HD-DVD burners/players in the future just so that you can opt in to 51gb hd-DVD discs that doesnt work in your current-gen HD-DVD players? people think twice before you buy.

WilliamRLBaker4002d ago

lol you obviously dont know a single thing, Nearly all hd dvd players can use the 51 gig with a firmware update.

Infact I've read nothing that says the 51 gig wouldn't work.

jiggyjay4002d ago

The 360 is mainly a gaming machine! That's why M$ didn't put in there.. If they did they would've charged a lot more to buy the 360($600 at launch)just like the PS3. With more cost associated means more losses M$ would've taken for every console sold! So it was smart of M$ to make it an add on! I mean look at the PS3, Sony has lost so much money in just hardware alone and R&D because they put Blu Ray in there. It also delayed their console, made it more expensive for the average gamer, and put a lot of hate towards them from the gamers because they are using us to help them win the format war! Why do you think theres so much negativity towards Sony from the gaming community?

gnothe14002d ago

would you please S.T.F.U with all this crying about how MS is screwing people or DIDNT back the best format!! you guys are unbelievable!! MS is in a business to make money just as sony is, just because MS didnt choose the format that YOU believe is the best doesnt means its wrong!! MS has their own agenda, an that agenda doesnt include paying sony BD licences!! would you guys just look at the bigger picture an quit just pointing fingers!!MS know what they want an where they want to be, just so happen that sony may be in the way.

pwnsause4002d ago

no, you guys are all wrong. what is the PS3 doing right now other than trying to push systems out the Door, Sell Blu-ray. Every PS3 comes embedded with a BD player. Thus the reason Why Blu-ray is winning, just like how DVD got that boost in sales when the PS2 came out. Microsoft could of done this with the 360 but they didnt, now they are fighting to push out blu-ray out of the scene by helping Tosh sell those HD-DVD players.


and seriously, if Microsoft had HD-DVD on their 360s, you guys would rush into stores to buy movies. dont say no, dont be ignorant. God hates ignorant people.

Ju4002d ago

@gnothe1 I kind of agree with you. I, however, do not think that its about paying royalties to Sony, but rather not getting anything for their, M$'s, AVC decoder and HDi. Its not about the players. These decoders are vital for a PC based stream IPTV solution. Without forcing the decoder on to the content provider, M$ would have almost no control over any downloadable content. Everybody could simply build their own system based on MPG4.

TheExodus4002d ago

DVD had already reached critical mass before the PS2 was even released. DVD didn't strike it's fatal blow to VHS because of PS2, but PS2 was cut major slack for being $299 because it could also play DVDs. Had Sony not included a DVD drive in the PS2 nothing would have changed for DVD.

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jackfatal4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

it wont change the fact that blue ray is kicking HD DVD @$$!!

imagine ps3 an blue ray players goes to 299$! do u really think HD DVD has a change against it? plus from now on ps3 sales are much higher then last year, so i expect blue ray disks will sell 3:1 against HD DVD disks!!

jiggyjay4002d ago

I wouldn't call it an a$$ kicking yet! Now selling 100+million consoles to just 30+million is an ass kicking!

The format war isn't over yet! let me know when one of the format's player has 50 million players in a household by then you can say who's kickin who's ass! Because of the price I have my money on HD DVD! Now if Blu Ray was the same price then I would put my money on blu ray because of the PS3!

DrRage774002d ago

here is a big obvious thing i will point out to people that are absolutely brainless about something....microsfot DOESN'T CARE who "wins" the format war because they are pushing DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION! the only company between sony and microsoft that actually cares about the format war is sony! if blu-ray loses, sony loses billions more in an obsolete format and their entertainment business takes a big dump. microsoft had ZERO to do with developing the hd-dvd format, unlike sony who is pouring millions of dollars into blu-ray in hopes that it becomes the next dvd format.

again, please think before you write, and actually realize that microsoft doesn't care about the format war, and sony does.....if blu-ray loses, sony loses billions, if hd-dvd loses, microsoft loses almost NOTHING......

TheExodus4002d ago

@DrRage77: I actually think MS does care if HD-DVD wins because they want Sony to fail. That's why it really wouldn't surprise me to see a Black Friday price cut on HD-DVD & 360 just in time to be too late for Sony to respond.

WilliamRLBaker4002d ago

either way I dont care:) i dont own hd dvd or blu ray sept my ps3.

Both formats will die once the more versitile formats come out in 2 years.

MaximusPaynicus4002d ago

Considering VHS lasted nearly 20 years, this is truly sad news.