EA Trolls Modern Warfare 3

EA has been throwing trash-talk punches throughout the development of Battlefield 3, however now they've taken the fight right to the digital doorstep of their enemy...

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Gray-Fox-Type02747d ago

now that is just pure hilarious hahaha

Spinal2747d ago


Thats epic. I have to give it to EA they really do have a sense of humour. =)

Black-Helghast2746d ago

They have a sense of humor but if Modern Warfare 3 did this with BF3's website, You'd be piss and say that Activision are douches and crap like that. Oh N4G. <3

Spinal2746d ago

@Heighast, No way. You seem to have me confused with these n4g fanboys. I dont have loyalty to any of these companies.

Gaming is a hobby not a life style choice lol.

Nate-Dog2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Wow, I figured this was one of those ploys to actually give MW3 more publicity (which was in an article around here a while ago), massive LOL.

Hufandpuf2747d ago

when you mention BF3, MW3 gets mentioned also. This makes MW3 get attention as well as curiosity from those that don't know what that game is aswell. Free marketing from EA and vice versa (or not). HURRY UP TIME, AND GIVE ME BF3 ALREADY SO WE CAN END THIS MESS!

MidnytRain2747d ago

Who doesn't know about MW3?

Halochampian2746d ago

It's not marketing for MW3. Say someone who just knows about MW3 looks up this domain expecting MW3 and then sees this..

They may pick B3 as well because of how amazing it looks!

Dart892747d ago

A couple of my friends are die hard cod fans but they're waiting to try the beta for BF3 if they get hooked on it they will replace they're pre order from MW3 to BF3.

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The story is too old to be commented.