Playing Rift Just Got More Affordable

The popular new MMO that is taking over PCs everywhere, Rift, has now become even more affordable. For a limited time, you can get a discount on subscription plans for three to twelve months. Rift is constantly getting updated content and reduced prices. Don’t miss your chance to save up to 40% on Rift’s Summer of Savings Subscription Plans.

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pungello882659d ago

I love summer sales, might take advantage of this

rmoar2659d ago

Rift is a good game, if you can get it on the cheap do it.

GetoverHere1222659d ago

Yeah, gamers need to keep their eyes peeled with all these deals going down.

DanielComfort2658d ago

I do need me some good MMORPGin'. I might give this a shot, really.

TinaLauro2658d ago

This is an epic price, but it makes me wonder about the title's longevity. Are they dropping prices so low because, as predicted, people who switched can't beat their WoW addiction now that Firelands is out? The timing strikes me as more than concidental...

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