Premium Metal Sonic Statue Revealed

As part of the continuing celebrations of the twentieth anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog, SEGA has unveiled an all-new high quality Metal Sonic statue. Set to be available in September, the Metal Sonic statue is reportedly limited to just 1,500 pieces worldwide.

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MrSpace2661d ago

Is it me or does electronictheatre never tell you where you can buy the stuff they talk about

femshep2660d ago

myabe they like teasing us and hoard everything

Gray-Fox-Type02660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

that is awesome! Would love to have that in my house :D

wait just clicked link doesn't look as good as the picture shown

Neko_Mega2660d ago

I love Metal Sonic, 2nd is Shadow.

MWH2660d ago

man i thought it looks like the picture.

GodsHand2660d ago

Yeah ,that aritcle picpture, does not even remotely look like the product.

MorbidPorpoise2658d ago

Same, would've looked pretty amazing if it was :P

TenkoTAiLS2659d ago

Thats been available to pre-order for months and months, totally not new or even recent news at all! There's two versions of it, a normal one like the picture shows and an exclusive version that has light up eyes, sparks and central turbine piece. It's being made by First4Figures. They have a website and a Facebook page. These guys also made the large Classic Sonic statue and the Super Sonic statue that lights up. They also have a Classic Knuckles statue on the way which they have a sneak-peak picture of on their Facebook page, and have mentioned they have a Classic Tails and Modern Sonic statue on the way. Those limited 20th anniversary statues that have been floating around are also First4Figures work.

Like a previous poster said, would it have been so hard for the news article to let people in on who's doing it and where to order it etc for those that don't know already??

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