What the Mainline Pokemon Series Can Learn From the Sonic Games

Ed writes: "The Pokemon series has reached a critical point of diminishing returns. They can't do it all in one game anymore, it's time for a different way forward."

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bananacrust405d ago

You mean the sonic games that were pretty terrible til fans got involved and made sonic mania?

GameBoyColor405d ago

And then right after that they go on to release more terrible sonic games.

Games1st405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Team sonic had the guts to admit games weren't good and give it to fans.

"Fans" will always buy pokemon, so they just do the bare minimum.

AK91405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Why would pokemon copy Sonic? The former has been selling like crazy while latter is still trying to find its identity whilst a fan made game outdid the mainline games in every way.

Not to mention Gamfreaks Sonic clone Tembo the badass elephant was WAY more fun than Sonic forces.

greysun123405d ago

Did you read the article?