Why Consoles Have Succeeded Over PCs in Gaming

Ryan Hillis of Gaming Irresponsibly writes: Recently, our great leader Frank Moricz outlined some highlights of PC gaming over consoles and the console ports of traditionally exclusive PC titles, as well as their effect on the industry and the games themselves. I will offer the other side of the story and follow the steps of Frank when I say I mean no offense to PC gamers. PC gaming is responsible for most of what gaming is today, and I respect that. I am simply highlighting the advantages consoles have over PC gaming. With that being said, lets begin.

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maskren2659d ago

If anything, PCs have always been more aesthetically pleasing to me. SHINY LIGHTS AND TWISTED STEEL.

Consoles these days look like half-formed turds.

agentxk2659d ago

I love the accessibility of consoles. I try to play PC games with my brothers and half the time one of their PCs can't run the title we want to play.

blitz0x2659d ago

Yeah, one of the unfortunate downfalls of gaming on a PC. Devs likely spend a lot of time worming out all the issues that can be caused by hardware variants.

blumatt2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Consoles will always have the trump card due to not having to deal with upgrading all the time. You buy your console and you're done. You can go out and buy all the game you want for that console and never have to worry about them not working due to hardware requirements. Not only that, but there are alot of niche titles like Journey (I can't wait for that game!!!), Flower, and Pixeljunk that are only on consoles.

lol Yeah, the irony. haha

evrfighter2659d ago

to make an account on a video game website, post regularly about games, and then to call other people nerds.

stay classy my friend

-Alpha2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )


Consoles are more accessible for the masses, but PC's don't have to be upgraded "all the time"

You don't always have to pump the best out of your wallet to get current gen games running on your PC. A majority of PC gamers are really hardcore and spend the money because they are really hardcore about it

PC gaming is also becoming a lot easier for mainstream audiences to pick up as various companies are releasing built lineups.

The thing with me is that I already own a console. I'm already quite busy with what I have. But I do want a PC as its clearly the most superior product for multiplats (BF3) and has a ton of great exclusives. The cheaper games and the endless mod support are really something that extend the life of any title you own.

I also find the community to be much stronger and mature. I can't count how many times I've played Combat Evolved and said to the enemy team "Hey, you guys have more experienced players, mind if some of you switch sides?" Players are friendlier and work much better together and communicate so well. Games just aren't made like that on consoles, the openness of PC gaming is something I really love

It's clear that you get a lot out of what you pay for a PC. Think of all those people who paid $400+ for a console and compare that to a $1K PC from the same year. It's tough for me to be a console and PC gamer, but if I went solely with a PC I don't think I'd have a problem with such an investment

kevnb2659d ago

of course you have to upgrade your console, if you buy one now you have like two good years left and you have yo buy a new one or just play old games. If I build a half decent pc now, I should get 3 years or so before an upgrade, maybe more since we are already gaming at 1080p and well beyond what the consoles can do today. Now if I want to stay bleeding edge all the time, well I could waste alot of money but in no way do i have too. And the hardware variant thing people talk ab out is just bs, we have api so we can avoid that. Any game with problems has problems across pretty much all hardware, or maybe ati or nvidia... but we dont see issues with specific combos...

Bull5hifT2659d ago

Pc are more easier to get cracked games played on , where some consoles you have to mad them internally.... So devs lose alot of potential sales on pc and choose to do the console thing..... See the psp died to devs cause all you needed was a memory stick, im not sure how Apple Does it, with the jailbreak scene ... It was just my opinion

Ducky2659d ago

"Not only that, but there are alot of niche titles like Journey (I can't wait for that game!!!), Flower, and Pixeljunk that are only on consoles."

There is an equal number of such 'unique' games on PC from the indie scene (ex Polynomial, ThePath) and even some mods add unique twists (such as 'TheCube' mod for Fallout3 or 'DearEsther' for HalfLife2)
In fact, it seems the PC market (in terms of exclusives) is pushing more towards these kinds of smaller games.

limewax2659d ago

I purchased a £500 laptop a few months ago and that runs every game I have bought for it, Including crysis, Can even get DX10 and some settings on very high for a slight drop in resolution.

Until you try PC gaming at this current time you could be given a false impression, because there certainly used to be a lot more difficulty than there is now. For the price I bought my laptop I could have got a much better rig if I had anywhere to put it, And it can do so many other things, Cubase etc... Thats where your paying extra, You can follow all your hobbies along with gaming on a PC.

For gaming a console is more accessible yes, But a decent PC will give you superior games along with a tool most households have nowadays. I see why people pay that bit extra for a gaming pc, But I don't see why its so hard for others to understand why people do, as it seems to be fairly straightforward.

NukaCola2659d ago

Although the PC is just as great as console and has many, if not more, titles than the consoles, the one thing PC has not established in the house is the Mascot.

Nintendo has Mario which is a name that is more popular than Mickey Mouse in many homes today.

Sega and Sonic have shown the energetic power that was the Genesis.

Sony started with Crash Bandicoot and set a name for itself and now big leaguers like Drake and Ratchet and Clanck and Kratos define the brand.

Microsoft stepped out of the box with Halo which is the the defining and world renound FPS. Even games like Fable and Gears which are on PC, are the faces of Microsoft.

When you think PC, at least for me, I can't think of anything that says "Look at me, I represent PC gaming!"

I love PC gaming tons, but I have to give it to the console boys for creating icons that sat well with the household and have made names that children have grown up with. Just my thought. I may be wrong, but I really think that it's those mascots and brand names that consoles have really embedded into the home market.

Iroquois_Pliskin2659d ago

imagine if they start making upgrades for consoles? PC will be dead by then imo

Ducky2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

^ That would be the death of consoles, not PCs, as you'd essentially be getting rid of one of console's biggest advantages: static hardware that doesn't have to be upgraded and guarantees that a game will be playable.

That, and console upgrades have been attempted in the past... and failed.

HydroCopper2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Contrary to popular belief, upgrading is one of my favorite parts of PC gaming. Im always looking forward to the next new powerful piece of hardware that I can add to my rig. Consoles just don't do it for me anymore. I own a 360 and PS3. Its so frustrating playing a game on such ancient hardware when I know technically, the game could be so much better. Gears 3 and Uncharted 3 will be the only console games I play in the next year.

People complain that PC gaming is so much more expensive. Maybe initially yes. But once you have a decent PC, you save so much on software compared to consoles that all the money you save can go towards that new video card next year to keep your PC current. And all the while enjoying a way better gaming experience. Take a look at the steam summer sale recently. Brand new games for 50% off.

guitarded772659d ago

Accessibility, accessibility, accessibility. Pop in a game and go... no hardware updates, no settings to worry about... everyone can understand that. PCs have a performance advantage, but accessibility is king.

slayorofgods2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Personally, I feel it is important to own both a gaming pc and console to really understand what each of them brings. I'm not going to say either one is better then the other, but each offer advantages over the other.

Have consoles succeeded over pc's in gaming? Absolutely not, A PC gamer understands why.

SkyGamer2659d ago

If it weren't for PC, ps3 wouldn't have a lot of their catalogue of games. X360 is like PC but ps3 isn't. That means for ps3 users, NO

Duke Nukem

And many more that are on PC that just get ported to console.

lil Titan2659d ago

articles like this bring out the fanboys in people smh to each his own people!!!

Theonetheonly2659d ago

@ nuke cola.

dude ... gordon freeman.

DeadlyFire2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Main reason has always been price point.

One major benefit of PC gaming is dedicated games. An exclusive PC game can last you years with right online modes and fun. There is no main server cutoff switch for most games.

Well in today's world you can get decent PCs for around 600-1000 bucks. Any console + HDTV combo costs about the same. So its really not to bad.

You can get the newest graphics card. I mid range Quad core CPU, 4-8 GB of RAM, decent HDD, sound all for under $1000 bucks and it will play any game you want.

I can see PC/Mac gaming catching up to consoles in the future.

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dangert122659d ago

most pc are not in a relaxing environment in homes

pc - desk and computer chair
console Tv and bed/ sofa

alot of people don't understand a console is a limited pc,

alot of people don't know of steam gfwl etc

alot of people find it hard to adjust to wasd and and dont think to buy console like pads

pc have never really been promoted as a gaming thing though we have gaming pc's we call em lol

Agent-862659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

"most pc are not in a relaxing environment in homes" Well, my computer chair is more comfortable than our sofa. It's an executive style with padded armrests (sofa only has one you can use unless you're really fat and can reach both sides). It also has a high back which gives neck support for long gaming sessions (the sofa is low back and causes neck strain after a while). I also took a plastic milk crate, turned it upsidedown, and made it an ottoman. Believe, I'm very relaxed when on my PC.

Actually, my gaming PC and PS3 are both hooked up to a 40" HDTV and I can switch between the two with ease. If I want, I could also rotate the screen and would able to play or watch from my bed. However, I do have an extra set of wires connected to the downstairs TV, if guests come by and want to play the PS3. Some people actually do have comfortable, relaxing PC setups.

maskren2659d ago

On the contrary, I'm not comfortable unless I'm sitting in front of my PC in my chair.

Anything else is just weird for me.

That being said, I agree. Most people are ignorant.

RememberThe3572659d ago

Frankly I'd rather lay on by bed or sit on my couch and play video games than sit at a desk and play video games. Its just more comfortable.

dangert122659d ago

same here

Neckbear2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

You know, I'd pretty much prefer sit in front of a desk to play videogames rather than lay on a bed or sit on a sofa. The former is just too awkward for me to do whilst playing videogames, and the latter just ain't as comfortable as a computer chair.

That's exactly why I have my consoles hooked up on my desk, alongside my PC. It's just more comfy and less awkward in my personal opinion.


A couch? Perhaps, but I don't really use it. A bed, however? Hah!

It's just awkward to play while laying down, man. At least for me.

RememberThe3572659d ago

@Neckbear: You need a better couch and bed ;)

Arnon2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Hook up your PC to your TV with your HDMI, and use any controller available if need be.

You'll have a more immersible experience with better graphics and possible 3D capabilities depending on the game since that's apparently what everyone wants. Then, once you're done gaming, you'll have a PC connected to your HDTV running at 1080p (I shouldn't have to explain why this is awesome).

Problem solved.

In the long run, you spend about 200% less with PC gaming, as upgrading is not required for quite a while. Not to mention about 90% of all PC titles are cheaper than console titles. I've purchased and have been gifted around 30 titles on Steam during the summer sale, and have spent roughly $60-$70 total.

pixelsword2659d ago

If I can't be buck-naked, covered in yogurt being fanned by redneck hookers then I can never be comfortable.

Oh, wait; we're talking about gaming...

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Godmars2902659d ago

Really doubt the article is talking about you which is the common mistake PC gamers make when this subject is touched. The one that always make.

Consoles have been about accessibility. The toy parents could leave their ten in front of that happens to plug into that old dependable babysitter the TV.

fluffydelusions2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Sorry but consoles have always trumped PC imo. Maybe not from a technical standpoint but from a games perspective almost certainly. And I also game on PC. The most iconic games are nearly all console. Mario,donkey Kong, metal gear etc etc.

kevnb2659d ago

doom, wolfenstein, world of warcraft, starcraft, counter-strike, sims, flight simulator, myst and well you get the point. Iconic games for adults live on pc.

gamingdroid2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Hell yeah!

StarCraft, C&C, Dune II and Warhammer!!!

Can we please has a StarCraft for Xbox 360 with Kinect support?

Trunkz Jr2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Who cares which platform you play it on, it's all about the games... Everyone will agree theirs is better so lets just say everyone is a winner in the end. Consoles and PC machines can live side by side.

theonlylolking2659d ago

Everyone can not be a winner. If you own a PS3 and want to play halo reach but you dont have a 360 then you are not a winner but you are still a gamer.

Trunkz Jr2659d ago


Your a Winner if your on 360, you get stuff like Halo, your a Winner if your on PS3 you get stuff like LBP, Nintendo well obvious what they have.

omi25p2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

you turds most look pretty damn awesome then

BeOneWithTheGun2659d ago

It's the casual market that is doing them in. Mom and Dad are not going to give little Timmy a $1000.00 computer and let him play games on it. Little Timmy probably does not know how to format a hard drive, let alone adjust advanced settings, trouble shoot in the game files, download mods, etc.

Mom and Dad buy a little square box that only requires Timmy to push a button and insert a disc to play his games.

andyboy132659d ago

Please stop using the pc gaming is so expensive bs. It really isn't these days. My $529 CAD laptop plays crysis tf2 cod and pretty much anything else just fine.

BeOneWithTheGun2659d ago

@andyboy: My point is a parent is not going to buy a nice gaming rig for a child. A console is just one square piece of plastic that is kid friendly. If you listen to the mentality of those people on LIVE and PSN, they do not exert a great deal of common sense.

I would never buy my 13 year old kid a gaming PC and expect her to be able to take it apart and switch out graphic cards and whatnot. It would be broken in a week.

Consoles are there, in one box, ready to go.

HydroCopper2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )


You are talking about an entirely different market. Lets be honest, teenage girls for the most part wouldn't be interested in 90% of the games out there. And little Timmy is only a small percentage of the market also. Thats why they have kid games for Timmy. And mature rated games for adults.

Any adult (or teens even) who are seriously into gaming has the ability to format a hard drive or change a graphics card. Its not rocket science. I've been doing those things since i was 12 years old. Ive also been gaming on consoles since i was in kindergarten. I just understand the advantages on PC gaming far out-weigh the disadvantages.

And only top of the line rigs are expensive. You can get a very capable gaming rig for pretty cheap these days.

fullmetal2972659d ago

So console gaming is for little kids?

BeOneWithTheGun2658d ago

@fullmetal. no, not at all but uninformed parents are not going to invest in computers so their kid can play games. they see console at waLlmart and on tv so that is what they buy.

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Frak2659d ago

shiny lights and twisted steel... sound like my turd

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darkziosj2659d ago

console have the best exclusives games, most of the best exclusive games of pc are mmorpgs or rts

showtimefolks2659d ago

but because there are more gamers on consoles and unlike a lot of pc gamers we don't steal games

that's why many of the pc franchises are coming out new consoles because you can make a lot more money on consoles

Bladesfist2659d ago

1) Piracy is not stealing. Its Copyright Infringement.

2) Used game sales hurt developers a lot more.

kramun2659d ago


Well consoles have piracy, and rental and second hand markets which cost devs a lot more than piracy. Why do you think more and more games are being sold with codes for online play? It's because they are obviously losing money, mostly from the rental and second hand side of things.

The biggest reason pc franchises come to console is because they are in the business of making games to make money. They may well lose money from piracy on pc, but they also lose money from piracy on consoles. They simply want to broaden their market, the more systems their games are on means they sell to a wider audience. Profit.

And besides, piracy and loss of sales from piracy is another topic entirely, and is more complicated than a simple loss of sale argument. It could be argued that many who pirate may not even buy the game if they weren't able to pirate it.

Anyway, if you were to ask a dev what hurt their sales most, it would likely be the rental and second hand markets. Piracy would be a smaller issue.

spdarksky2658d ago


"Console gamers don't steal games"

All my friends used pirated copies for their console games mostly PSPs and 360s especially when it's single player only games. They only bought legit copy when they want to play online. So, saying that console gamers don't steal games is full of bull$h!t.

2659d ago
NanoSoldier2659d ago

Consoles > PC according to gaming.

SephirothX212659d ago

It depends on the PC. Consoles are the hardware the average person has access to and therefore game developers target console owners and can easily make games that utilise a particular console's ability. This isn't the case for PC as everyone has a PC with different specs. However, seeing as all games are made on a PC, it is not so difficult for developers to release a title for the medium. Piracy has driven down PC sales but services like Steam have kept the PC gaming industry alive. Players might be able to play PC games offline for free but they will be banned from Steam for playing pirated games online. Its easier to play pirated games online on the 360 and not be banned than it is on the PC. I have a high-end PC that I play all multiplatform games on. Though I use my 360 and PS3 a lot for exclusives.

ABizzel12658d ago

1. The reason consoles have succeeded over PC's is because they take the PC gaming experience and simplify it so everyone can play. With a console it's plug in and play.

2. A mouse and Keyboard can be more intimidating than a controller especially when you have to plug in key commands etc...

3. Some people just don't know/understand PC's. They don't know you can connect your PC to your 50" and play on it, they don't know PC games are much cheaper than console games, they don't know about service like Steam, and they don't know about installing games or plenty of other things involved with PC gaming which again points back to the simplicity of console gaming.

subtenko2658d ago

lol this article is the counterpart of the statement that PC has dominated over consoles xD it was only a matter of time b4 this article was made,hah

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BeastlyRig2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Consoles wins with big budget content/PC wins with innovative content..

They say Consoles have more variety but only with 3rd person games..

PC games(Like Minecraft, Terraria, Overgrowth, MainiaPlanet, Frozen Synapse, Planetside 2, mod community) are based off of new ideas!

And Console games like(Fortress craft, Call of Duty, Halo, and just about every shooter) are clones!

Besides LBP there really is not much fresh to play!

Everything is ducking behind cover of shooting for killstreaks or slamming you back to a wall for cover or some other mainstream crap!

Please find shooter like this on consoles with so many new mechanics.. 64 players btw..

or a fighting creation game..

or a shooter/rpg/racing creation game.

blitz0x2659d ago

I think nintendo is the clear winner for hardware innovation though.

Ser2659d ago

I'm sorry, but Red Orchestra, as a series, has always looked very meh to me.

Not just graphically, the gameplay looks very bland and unexciting. I prefer Battlefield 1942.

nightmarex1212659d ago

mine craft is comming to console anywayz, even on the mobile phone.
What are you like 12 pc went through a shooter phase too, with bunch of shooters like doom quake wolfestin, half-life, cod, battlefield, halo. And notice it still a shooter platform as well b/c only shooters have had take advantage of the hardware like crysis and now bf3.

kevnb2659d ago

all those big budget console exclusive games dont actually add up to much at the end of the day, there isnt that many of them worth even a try (marketing makes it seem like there are way more than there are). At the end of the day, if I couldnt play starcraft 2, stalker, or total war I would be quite sad :(.

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agentxk2659d ago

I will say, PC certainly boast a much larger library of games. Heck I picked up some PC exclusives today during the steam sale.

Agent-862659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

More of the PC vs Console crap. Why not own both? I have a gaming PC and a PS3. I miss out on very few games. It makes a great gaming combo in my opinion.

maskren2659d ago

Because we want one rig to rule them all.

blitz0x2659d ago

I agree with the thought, but also understand that where people are at financially may not be ideal. Right now is a difficult time economically to get together multiple systems and also the accessories, games aside.

Agent-862659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

This is true, but we still don't need to have this PC vs Console war. If you only had to pick one, they come out roughly equal in the end. PC has high upfront cost, but lower game costs overall while consoles have lower upfront cost, but higher game costs overall. No choice is really a bad one over the other. Pros and cons on both sides. But I guess conflict sells and gets hits, so it's PC vs Consoles, PS3 vs 360, blah, blah, blah, etc.