What If The Dreamcast Had Won?

G4TV: The Dreamcast, like any good dream, was over too quickly. Before we could taste all of the delights it had to offer and all see all of its wonders, we were unceremoniously jolted awake by the cold grip of reality. In less than two years the first system of its generation, the first with HD support and the first with a built in modem was lost to the hard truths of business.

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NukaCola2659d ago

I never understood why the Dreamcast failed. It had some great features and benchmarked some of the greatest games of it's time. All it's titles got ported out to GC/PS2/XBOX and it faded away.

Soul Caliber
Phantasy Star Online
Sonic Adventures
Crazy Taxi

Yi-Long2659d ago

... they know how to make great games, yet usually screw it all up in other ways.

With the Dreamcast, one of the major reasons why it failed was an extremely poor marketing.

Here in Holland, even when the Dreamcast had been out for over 2 years, non-gaming friends and classmates wouldn't even had heard of it. The machine was only available in special game-stores instead of the usual (toy)stores...(!)

Also, the people here who did buy it, mostly just copied the games because of the poor protection, and because the games weren't sold in the normal stores.

I loved my Dreamcast though. Excellent machine.

It would be nice if Sega wouldn't screw up all the HD-ports for XBLA and PSN by being so lazy.

guitarded772659d ago

I'll probably get crucified for this, but I'm glad SEGA is no longer in the hardware market... I like them better as a software publisher/developer. That said, I wish they'd get on to making some epic games. If they were still in the hardware market, shelling out some of the crap they've put out in the last 10 years, they'd be in even worse shape. How hard is it to revitalize some of the classic franchises like Altered Beast and Golden Axe? The best thing they have going for them right now is Yakuza... but then again, the entire Japanese development market is in somewhat of a strange place right now.

Peaceful_Jelly2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Sega CD, Sega 32X, Saturn... That's why they failed. I'm not saying that these were bad systems, I really loved the Sega CD and Saturn but the marketing was pretty bad and their releases were too close to each other.

Back in the day I had a Sega Master and I really liked Sonic and the Sega brand. I wanted one of the newer system but there were so many I didn't even know what was going on. I was young and a gamer but not very knowledgeable so I went for the popular stuff, Snes and PS1.

Then the Dreamcast came up, their direction was clearer and I bought one but people were already too much into the Sony brand (it dethroned Nintendo after all). It was too late for Sega to restore their image even though the Dreamcast was one of the best systems ever made. Now we are seeing the Wii U and Xbox with their dual-screen controllers and online services that the Dreamcast had since day 1.

zerocrossing2659d ago

Dreamcast failed for a number of reasons.

1. Being it was ridiculously easy to copy and pirate games for.

2. Sony hype caused potential buyers to wait and buy PS2 instead

3. Even though I agree Dreamcast had some of the best games ever made sadly many people didn't agree...

Im sure there are other possibilitys too, But still its a sad shame.

longcat2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

The lack of support from EA was a crucial factor that nobody seems to ever bring up. THis is one of the few times that i have seen it mentioned.

It also lacked jrpgs, and there was the peak of the pokemon phase

Contrary to what is mentioned in the article, there were hardware was not that durably made

CrescentFang2659d ago

About jrpgs, I own a dreamcast, but have yet to get any. I can only think of the Phantasy Star Online games, Eternal Arcadia (I think it was Skies of Arcadia in the US) and Grandia II. Was that really it?

8bit_Nes_Rambo2659d ago

Nobody mentioned EA, because support from them is inconsequential and would have done little to help the Dreamcasts' situation. Sega just didn't know how to market the thing, simple as that.

longcat2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

@Cresent Fang - those are the only ones that i can think of that are worth mentioning. You could look at Evolution 1+2.
There is this game called Toy Commander that i would really encourage you to check out. The controls are a mess, but the level design is great.

@Rambo - Due to the EA situation, they had to spend resources developing their own sport games - leading to the 2K sports lineup. They could have spent those resources elsewhere.
Remember, Sega was not a huge company - they basically brought their arcade games to home consoles
Other reasons are listed in the article- marketing

thebudgetgamer2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

this will answer your question.

man i really miss the old g4.

gamingdroid2659d ago

Sega was terribly managed (and still is), but Sony's FUD was a stroke of genius in the marketing department. Sony managed to convince everyone before PS2's release that it was going to be greatest sh!t you would ever see.

That didn't happen, but the demise of Dreamcast, the rushed original Xbox (with no following) and GameCube didn't put up a fight, so PS2 became one of the most successful consoles ever.

Now if Dreamcast survived, it might be that Xbox may never come to be. A strong partnership between Sega and MS might have happened and eventually MS might have bought out Sega....

user83971442659d ago

PS2 delivered in every way so what you are talking about? There's a reason it sold 150 million ps2s.

Studio-YaMi2659d ago

Maybe you should wake up from that (hate streak) you have against Sony..

Stupid bubble system.. -,-

Bell Boy2659d ago

yeah right so ps2 accidentally sold well over 100 million units.

Or it might be because Sony had the top games in every genre..appealed to all age groups..and introduced dvd to a mass market

yeah it was an accident

gamingdroid2658d ago

This is well documented. Do some Google searches.

Also, a platform's success is very much a snowball effect. Once you get the momentum going, it just continually increases as nobody wants to release games on a 20 million install base, when they can release it to 60 million people. Nobody wants to buy a platform with no games! It's a cycle that feeds on each other. Sony was just entrenched before the others got a foothold. Most notably Nintendo.

As you can see, Sony's success wasn't some kind of stroke of genius, beyond their marketing department, but rather due to spreading FUD causing plenty of people to wait for the PS2. They sold you a self fulfilling dream!

I'm not saying the PS2 wasn't a great console, but Dreamcast was a great console as well (that got irreparable damage due to piracy), and both the GameCube and Xbox was more powerful. The Xbox even had the most robust and connected console.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2659d ago

well to me it was in the N64/ps1 gen.

I had 4 of those games you mention and a bunch others. I also had some of the best versions of games from that gen on my DC like Tony hawk 2, Hydro thunder and Soul Reaver.

DC didnt last long but in the short time it was around there were alot of awesome games released for it.

It seemed to me that sega just gave up once the PS2 arrived. In Japan that was before it arrived here in the US, so to me it seemed like sega gave up on the DC before the PS2 was even released.

I still have my DC and like 20 awesome games for it. It was great while it lasted, and was before its time. The DC may be old but it had online gaming and a screen in the controller!!!!!!

princejb1342659d ago

if it would have won we would have had dreamcast 2 by now and maybe dreamcast 3

longcat2659d ago

we would be looking forward to hologram VMUs

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blackburn102659d ago

Definately would have prefered Sega as a competitor then Microsoft. The Dreamcast had so many good ideas and could have been great. Too bad Sony and the PS1 out manuvered it.

jaredhart2659d ago

I love the dreamcast but Sony did have a more complete strategy.

Kee2659d ago

But it didn't, did it?

killerhog2659d ago

main two reason dreamcast failed

1. Piracy
2. DVD format

everything else was small contributing factors.

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