Where is Project Milo?

At E3 2009 when Lionhead Studios’ Peter Molyneux came to the stage during Project Natal’s (now known as Kinect) introduction, we knew something interesting would be on the cards...But what has happened since?

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Nitrowolf22748d ago

Milo was never going to be a game from my understanding, just a tech demo and to show off what it could do. I think it was fable, but theya re using Milo tech in their games

Just_The_Truth2748d ago

Peter Molyneux stated a TED while showing the demo that i was in fact a Game but i don't think he had support to make such claims true

EVILDEAD3602748d ago

It's supposedly still in the works. Peter even pointed out that they've put a whole lot of work into the project. The thought is the tech may debut with Fable: The Journey, but ultimately it will still be a game.


BroGamer2748d ago

To my understanding there was conflict between Molyneux and Aaron Greenburg from Microsoft. Greenburg claimed it was an internal tech demo but Molyneux hit back at the statement by saying people are misunderstanding Milo, whatever that means. But they did detail the game name as Milo & Kate, suggesting it was more than a tech demo.

Godmars2902748d ago

Being touched in a bad place?

Godmars2902748d ago

Like Pedo bear wasn't all over Milo when he was first announced and thought - presented - as an actual product?

WayneKerr2748d ago

Where is playstation move?

jaredhart2748d ago

He ran away with Skittles.

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The story is too old to be commented.