Blu-ray proponents pin their hopes on PlayStation 3

The proponents of the DVD successor standard Blu-ray Disc are pinning their hopes on the upcoming game console PlayStation 3. Akin to the way PlayStation 2 had boosted the DVD, Sony's new game console would give a boost to the marketing of Blu-ray, the Sony manager Nick Sharples declared yesterday ahead of the opening of the consumer-electronics trade fair Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin.....

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TheMART5878d ago

On small difference with DVD

DVD already was the standard when Sony implemented it in the PS2.

BetaBluRay is just like Betamax, Minidisc and UMD. It's not a standard, it's too freaking expensive and the competition has better quality and a lower price, which is HD-DVD.

It's sad to see the PS3 buyers will be the losers of this Sony pushing story again. They will have a non standard drive where they paid too much for. Bad bad SOny

Shadow Flare5878d ago

how'd i know you'd be the first to comment?

lalaland5877d ago (Edited 5877d ago )

Blu-Ray is nothing like Betamax or UMD.

Betamax was a proprietary format with next to none supporters on either the hardware or software side - although it was the technically superior format.

UMD is a proprietary format developed specifically for the PSP and because of this a limited support from the movie studios.

Blu-Ray is technically superior format developed in cooperation with several big players. It has the vast majority of support from BOTH hardware manufacturers and the movie studios.

Blu-Ray v HD-DVD
- four reasons I believe HD-DVD is on top right now:

1) Single-layer v dual-layer - Blu-Ray so far only uses one layer because of manufacturing problems, giving it a capacity of 25GB. HD-DVD uses 2 layers for at total of 30GB storage.
2) Choice of codec - eventhough both formats supports the same codecs, Blu-Ray has chosen to ship initial titles in MPEG2 which only performs well at high bitrates. Because of 1) Blu-Ray actually has to use the same or lower bitrates than HD-DVD, giving HD-DVD a clear advantage on quality.
3) Players available - Both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD has only one player available. Both had their problems but Toshiba seemed quickest to rectify them.
4) Movietitles - HD-DVD has more titles on market, giving consumers a greater choice of software.

- four reasons I think Blu-Ray will become the dominant format:

1) Single-layer v dual-layer - Blu-Ray will eventually (hopefully this year) work out the kinks and ship duallayer discs, giving it a greater versatility in choice of codecs, plus possibly more extramaterial, better soundquality and so forth.
2) Choice of codec - because of 1) Blu-Ray will have the possibility to choose which codec performs the best for a given title, while HD-DVD is more or less forced to use higher compression codecs because of the limited space available. Sony believes they can get better quality from highbitrate MPEG2 at the moment, than from any of the supported lowerbitrate codecs.
3) Players available - most hardware manufacturers support Blu-Ray, while only a limited number supports HD-DVD. Number of manufacturers matters because that will help drive prices down and cater for more consumers taste in design. Even if only 10% of PS3's sold will actually be used for Blu-Ray movies, there will still be more Blu-Ray users than HD-DVD users by years end.
4) Movietitles - Blu-Ray has the support of the majority of movie studios by far. Blu-Ray has not "really" launched yet. That will happen this coming holiday and titles will "flood" the stores compared to HD-DVD.

shoota335878d ago (Edited 5878d ago )

Its sad to see jealous xbox fangirls support anything MS does lol! what dont you get marta HD DVD WILL LOSE JUST LIKE XBOX 1.5.You are a loser,an ignorant one at it face it they both are going to loose.

Frank DA Tank215878d ago

hey i cant wait for ps3 either but holy crap man your like trying to start a cult or sumthing you really scare me. your the definition of phsyco in the dictionary. its like u think by talkin so much shyt that your gonna stop the xbox 360 or Wii. i agree grow up! and if your an adult that really sad how you act.

ghostface5878d ago


Marty83705878d ago

Bluray is not more expensive than HD-DVD,the movies retail for the same ammout.

Islandkiwi5878d ago

Blu Ray does not only mean PS3...other companies are producing blu-ray players. What themart is saying is true, and I don't know why you're screaming at him about it.

Dvd players were common, but expensive. The ps2 incorporated an inexpensive dvd player...hell, this was the reason I originally bought one.

Blu-ray is a totally different scenario. Yes, it follows the same line of here's a less expensive alternative to the stand-alone players...but it is not common, nor is it the only format on the market. And for the prices that the movies are going for, it doesn't make much sense in comparison to regular dvd's.

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