Nintendo 3DS: 100 hours later

As James from This Is My Joystick passes 100 hours of gaming on the Nintendo 3DS, it's time to reveal his overall thoughts on the device.

The number one issue is undoubtedly the games library. It’s rare for Nintendo to release a new console without some triple-A first party support, as that has always been their main strength. Yet, the first party releases for the 3DS initially consisted of Steel Diver, a mediocre submarine game, and Nintendogs and Pilotwings Resort, both making effective use of the 3D function but otherwise not differing much from previous releases in the series. Neither of these were real system-sellers.

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Shnazzyone2657d ago

Ehhh, I disagree with the battery complaint. I play my system throughout the day and have usually only encounterred death of the battery when the day is over anyway. Turn it off, pop it in the charger. Ready again the next morning. Repeat cycle.

Maybe if you are doing intense marathon sessions with 3d on full, brightness all the way and sound up all the way you would have more issues. Most the time my audio is low or off, brightness on mid range. Lasts the whole day on aveage. Lasted 2 days once when all i was playing was bowsers inside story.

It's not perfect but it isn't "constant charging" that's for sure. If you have to charge it constantly then adjust your brightness and sound, you can even switch off wifi.

As for the argument of games, valid to a point. The library demands expansion. However that is coming and in the meantime, the dsiware and ds library more then supplements that for now.

My biggest complaint is the using the L button to lock on for long periods of time in zelda get's very tiring for the hand after a while.

AWBrawler2656d ago

Agreed. My battery is strong