A Love Letter To Splinter Cell

DigitalVideoGamer writes, "A nostalgic recounting of the golden days of Splinter Cell. When I first purchased my original Xbox, they already made changes to the controller.
Gone was the mammoth black beauty, the odd, cumbersome design, seemingly meant for a gorilla. Unfortunately, it wasn’t marketed towards Gorillas."

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NoobJobz2662d ago

Yep. Both Pandora tomorrow and chaos theory are in my top 10 games of all time.

ilikestuff2662d ago

yep, the game makes me feel like such a badass lurking in the shadows like a ninja and what not

NoobJobz2662d ago

I'm just hoping the next Splinter Cell plays like Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory. Didnt like Double Agent or Conviction. Need the night vision goggles. Need to be able to whistle at a guard then throw a brick in his face. Or shock him with sticky shocker. Hanging upside down and grabbing someone and snapping their neck. Good times.

seinfan2662d ago

You could do that in the original xbox version of SCDA. The storyline is similar to that of the PS3 and 360 versions, but it's basically an entirely different game.

St02662d ago

Worth getting Chaos Theory on steam for £3? do people still play multiplayer?

NoobJobz2662d ago

I have no idea whether people still play it online but I would recommend the game. Absolutely fantastic. And for the price, you can't do much better.

coolbeans2662d ago

Pretty much all the main iteration's Splinter Cell MP's are played by many others. PT, CT, DA, and Conviction all have different aspects to them. I could find a game of Double Agent (360) in about a minute; I'm not exactly sure about Conviction since I haven't played that in a while.

St02662d ago

Thanks. Which one would you recommend for multiplayer, Chaos Theory, Double Agent or Conviction?

St02662d ago

Bought Chaos Theory just in time, back up to £6 now

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Solidus187-SCMilk2662d ago

aww yeah I loved those games. I had the first 2 SC games on xbox1.

I remember how awesome SC 1 was when it first came out on xbox. Me and my gamer friend were amazed how awesome it was to be a spy, that and walking through curtains/blinds in the First SC.

BeastlyRig2662d ago

Yeah I really hope the next one will be the best ever made! And on pc to!

BlmThug2662d ago

Double Agent Was A Good Game (Other Than Decision Gimmick). Dont Know Why People Didnt Like It

NoobJobz2662d ago

Because after playing Chaos Theory, expectations were high. If that had been the first game in the series, it might have seemed better. However, Chaos Theory was amazing. It seemed like a step backwards. It just wasn't what people were used to.

bozebo2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Nice article. I have exactly the same feelings for the franchise.

The new splinter cells are still awesome games, but they are just not splinter cell, why would Sam spend 30-odd years perfecting his stealth work only to decide to ditch all that and risk dieing all the time?

Chaos Theory had one of the best single player campaigns I have ever played. Up there with OOT, Perfect Dark, FF7, Halo, CoD1, San Andreas, Morrowind etc. Those games that are just legendary in their single player perfection.

I couldn't play the multiplayer because you aren't allowed inverted aiming as a merc... so I refused to ever play as a merc which lead to lots of ragequitting lol.

sonicsidewinder2661d ago

Thinking about conviction still makes me rage.