Colin McRae: DIRT - PlayTM Review - 'closer to 30 frames per sec than PC or 360'

Most impressive is that the developers manage to provide perhaps one of the smoothest experiences on the PS3 so far. Whilst other developers have complained over the amount of investment needed to get even a reasonable frame-rate, Codemasters seem to have mastered the beast. Whilst generally on a par with the other versions, there are certainly times when the PS3 game seems to stick a lot closer to its 30 frames per second than either PC or 360.

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OpiZA4093d ago

Well Done CM
I must say the frame rate was fairly smooth on my 360, but at times went a bit wonky. Glad too see they are coming too grips with the PS3.

JsonHenry4093d ago

What computer are they talking about? Because I doubt it has a hard time running @ 30frames PS on a system like mine. And if it DOES that is because it is too busy running @ 75-100 frames per second on my PC.

Kleptic4092d ago


it was a poor port to the PC for the most part...the optimization was terrible for the PC and 360...hence the poor framerate most of the time on both systems...

most reviewers review the games on several rigs...some top of the line in resources...some not so much..Dirt had issues on both...

when you play the PS3 don't get any of that really...then the actual reality sets in...that the game is horrible can stop your car at 150mph in 10 dirt...and the online blows...

thereapersson4093d ago

Codemasters worked with Sony to bring the DiRT engine to the PS3. I would hope that it runs as smooth as it does, even moreso than the 360 version.

KMxRetro4093d ago

Welcome to two months ago.

rushbd4093d ago

even when you have dozens of cars in your screen. I hope they maintain this with their future releases ( Race Driver one , Operation Flashpoint 2 ).

MaximusPrime4093d ago

I must admit that DirT is better on PS3 than xbox360

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