50 Greatest Game Design Innovations

From gameplay, to presentation to input devices, videogames are a hotbed of innovation. Ernest Adams notes 50 game design innovations, some that have already made their impact, and others that will shape the future of the medium...

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Skerj4002d ago

Damn that's a pretty good list, can't see anything that wasn't there that I'd add. On a similar note though, more games need to use the clocks inside systems for realtime day/night cycles.

allforcalisto4002d ago

for me sandbox design is somewhere at the top of the list of greatest inovations.

there's this sense of realism GTA games have that's unparalled; feeling like you're actually in a city. I'm expecting moments in GTA IV when a lot of gamers just put the pad down and look at new york/liberty city in awe

i remember when i first played gta III on the my life was over for the next 8 months.

once they get the A.I. and physics right they'll have the closest thing to a simulation of life devs have ever made. by the sounds of the previews of IV they're getting there. note how in those previews the writer of the article will go on and on about all the minute details they're observing about the world.

xboxman4002d ago

What do you have to do to be noticed?

Cartesian3D4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Sand box and sealth ( better AI for enemies ) are the best one..

I like WASD and Mouse aiming .. :)

the only thing that wont happen anytime soon .. is SEMI HUMAN AI for enemies..

AI is BS in almost games..

EDIT : BTW thx ROCKSTAR .. for making GTA and MAX payne ..

I love Physics(one of the best physics even till now) in Max payne 2 ,becuz it was a huge part of the game , specialy for final boss and some times u need to drop painkillers from shelves to take them .

lynx1halo4002d ago

The headline reads Game Design Innovations and yet they have a picture of one of the bulkiest and most uncomfortable controllers out there with the 360 remote??

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