The PS3 Games of Fall 2006

The most powerful console ever released is nearly upon us. The PlayStation 3 may be the most important product Sony has ever released, and that's saying a lot. Not to let the hardware stand alone, Sony and its extremely long list of third-party developers are looking to deliver an rather impressive lineup of launch titles, many of them marking the first true next-gen appearance of popular franchises. From first-person shooters to RPGs to racers to sports, the launch lineup looks to cover most every major genre in stellar fashion. The only question here is that after spending $500 or $600 to pick up the system, will you have enough cash left over to pick up each of these games?

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TheMART5869d ago

"The PlayStation 3 may be the most important product Sony has ever released, and that's saying a lot."

Yeah the most important to save them from going bankrupt, by pushing the unnescessary BetaBluRay format it is:

Every 3 months almost 600 million dollars loss (from first quarter 2005 on)

Just took a multimillion dollar loan from the bank (because they couldn't bring more shares on the market, price dropped)

All the expensive media formats by Sony have failed, Betamax, Minidisc, UMD

They would get much license money if they succeed. PS fans will be used by Sony to push the format. If they fail, it will mean Sony is in big sh!t. Which looks like it with HD-DVD outselling it and having better quality.

shoota335869d ago (Edited 5869d ago )

lol! its funny how stupid you really are.You are so jealous you cant even tell lol! Sony is a multibillion dollar corparation they know what they are doing.They dont need advice from a [email protected] xbox fanboy who is jealous.hd dvd will be finished by the end of next year because blu ray will have over 10 million players in peoples homes. So you can forget about it you wasted your money on a loser format just like you wasted your money on a loser console (XBOX 360)lol!

Dark Samurai5868d ago

Always on the ps3 thread and ready to post his nonsense. We're not interested Mart... please STFU!


CAPS LOCK5869d ago

u always on this website, even more than the admins and u always say bad stuff about the ps3 and how it will fail, nobody cares what u think. sometimes u really impress me with ur knowledge and other times ur just a plain fool.

look at the things sony succeded at, mini DV, DVD( they own 1 tenth) memory stick duo, walkman.

anyway back to the story and i think that marvel game looks good and so does resistance and COD 3 oh and FEAR, but where is warhawk and motorstromg and heavenly sword. they need to show off motorstrom, it has great graphics and i bet anybody would be more convinced in getting the ps3 because of the graphics on the game.

General5868d ago (Edited 5868d ago )

Wtf, Ignore this.

KoolMan5869d ago

Ps3 loss lots of stuff but not the #1 spot on video games, better graphics, better games and a huge line up of games for lunch.
ps3 will kick Xbox360 @ss just with the blue-rey not to mention with the games.

Silver3605868d ago

PS3 will be eaten by the 360!!!!

DC RID3R5869d ago

is the BUCKET!!!


PS3 Ultimate5869d ago

Because when Sony wins again, they will be marked Legendary in my eyes. The future is almost here, with The PLAYSTATION 3. Not the ''PlayStation 3'' The PLAYSTATION 3!

Gh0stDrag0n5868d ago

Fanboy, Sony is already marked Legendary in your eyes.

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