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Now that SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALS has been out for a few months and has seen a few patches, Sneaky Universe decided to finally review it.

Sneaky Universe writes: "SOCOM 4 is the latest sequel in the popular Sony exclusive shooter franchise. It marks the return of the original series developer, Zipper Interactive and promises to bring the series into the current generation properly. There are many new features included like a more focused single player story, a co-op mode to enjoy with friends, and the main draw - the competitive online multiplayer modes.

Does it do the series justice or continue to push it further back?"

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Horny2660d ago

Mediocre game. I had to force myself to like it but it just didn't work out in the end. The game tried to be a mix of call of duty and uncharted. It didn't even feel like you played as special forces and basically didn't feel like a Socom game at all.

n4gisatroll2660d ago

I agree, I hate socom 4, and I use to love socom, on ps2, it's all I played. Confrontation is twice, hell triple, quadruple the game s4 is.

BattleAxe2660d ago

I'm so sick and tired of Zippers Arrogance, thats why I hope this Socom-Source project takes of and becomes successful. Socom fans should show support for this project as its an oldschool fan who just had enough one day and decided to make a Socom game of his own, and it looks like theres alot of momentum for this project already.

nnotdead2660d ago

seems like a fair review. i agree with most of what they have said(especially the lobby system), but i would score the mp higher then them. i agree it doesn't do enough to separate itself and co-op became repetitive quicker than i would have liked, but i find the mp gameplay to be really solid. i would give it 7.5 or 8. they fact that they gave the replay such high scores, and it's all because of the mp shows that they underated it a bit.

i also think the overall score is badly done. anyone with any interest in this game wants it for the mp. they admit the competitive mp is well done, and can be a lot of fun to play. you don't lower the score for a game because it isn't want you wanted(SOCOM 2 HD remix), or because it borrows heavy from other games. your score should reflect how you recommend the game. if i knew nothing about SOCOM 4 and saw this i would be confused. mp has them coming back for more, but the game is avg at best?

SoapShoes2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Socom 4 is a good game. I got the first Socom when it came out and I see nothing wrong with this game. The single player was just as good as any Socom game and unlike other shooters out today, it actually used tactics which automatically elevates it above quick kill games like Call of Duty for me.

As far as the story goes, it wasn't deep but it wasn't horrible either. Just average. However, what Socom game has ever had a good story? There was pretty much NO story in the PS2 Socom games, much more bare-bones than this game.

If you look at Meta all of the Socoms are in the 80% range or less, even the fan-favorite Socom 2. Socom has never been a highly regarded franchise by the critics so everyone jumping on Socom 4 for low scores need to learn their history.