Folklore isnt a true RPG game, but it is epic, read Wonderwallweb's review to find out why.

Folklore is probably one of the best and most original games to be released on the console so far.

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happyjimmy5692d ago

When games have great graphics and gameplay but people say they are not true {insert genre here] games. Why do people seem to hate new games that come onto the market? They want something new but riddicule it when it arrives? My god that is just messed up. I played the demo and it was pretty fun. Not perfect but fun and it IS an RPG.

Prismo_Fillusion5692d ago

The review gives the game a 9.3/'s not like they bashed the game.

Baba19065692d ago

is it an rpg? in my eyes it is an adventure game. but the fact is that it is very much fun. one of the best games i hace pleayed this year.

malingenie5692d ago

This games seems to correlate with IQ or creativity. Notice how the scores are all over the place (EGM - anyone?). I absolutely enjoyed this game, it was unique and original and all those things that a gamer would want. I believe people who do not like it are either expecting a JRPG (which its not), or some other easily defined category. I love the way the story is spoon fed to you one bit at a time, making you wonder all day what lies ahead. The boss battles are imaginative AND action packed. I know I sound like a stakeholder, but seriously this game deserves attention, I want more of this in my gaming industry.